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How much would time and cost would it be for a mechanic to

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Hi how much would time and cost would it be for a mechanic to diagnose a problem with the Turbo on a Hyundai santa fe 2007 model. The mechanic physically stripped parts off to access the Turbo. Thankyou.


Depends on the nature of the fault with the turbos can go faulty in all sorts of way..from internal failure 99% of the time caused by lack of lubrication or failure to do regular oil and filter changes,blown oil seals which in turn produces alot of bluewhite smoke out the back,waste gate problems which i think on these is electronic if i recall.. plus depends on level your mechanic is at diagnosing the problem in the first place..The 2.2crdi turbo is down the back of the engine so it can be quite difficult to access visually..but id say a max of 2 hours maybe to do good inspection.or unless the problem is pretty obvious as above..cost wise difficult to say based on differant hourly rates..maybe £50-£60 diagnosing time maybe..if they need to go further with that and havent come up with a valid result then they should really be consulting you first if further investigating is required and at what cost..this any help

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Customer: replied 7 months ago.
My mechanic is saying he took the Turbo out of my hyundai santa fe for inspection and replaced it back again, which I don't believe he did, but could you give me an estimate on labour charge and typically how long it would take . He is pricing me £250 .

I see ok...roughly 5-6 hours time if it was removed, if you know his labour rate per hour then you can judge it that way..£250 is kinda near enough.but you would expect the turbo to be renewed to be replaced atthe same time...well if there is some doubt over whether they have removed it or not..then you'll only know that albiet ask exactly what it was that he was inspecting..which couldnt be done on the car itself..