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I have a Skoda Yeti. I just filled up with Diesel on the way

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I have a Skoda Yeti. I just filled up with Diesel on the way home and on restarting the engine the exhaust inspection system light stayed on. I need to drive to Wales tomorrow for the weekend. Is it safe to drive or should I try and get it to a Skoda dealer first and if so will it be an easy fix or take some time? Your help would be most appreciated.


How does the car run generally since this problem occured? has it gone in limp home mode?

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
No seemed to drive normally
Customer: replied 9 months ago.
My main concern is should I take it into a Skoda dealer first thing. The nearest is about 15-20 miles away?

OK..Normally that warning is to do with it means the emissions are outside normal criteria the ecu sets..this could be either due to diesel quality or problem on the DPF if fitted,maf issue...Obviously the car will have to be scanned to get an idea which area on those systems is at fault..unless you have code reader yourself to retrive those..but if it seems to drive ok.then the fault cant be my professional say you'd be best to aovid any potential problems by asking the dealer to perform a quick scan on doesnt need to be the dealer to be honest..any good well equiped garage with upto date scanners can pretty much do the same thing for its optional to take it to the dealer..but it would be advised to get it scanned id say..Hope this helps

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
Many thanks for your reply I will take it In to a dealer first thing tomorrow morning, hopefully it will get me there ok

Yeah i dont see why just want to be safe than sorry if the cars to be used for long journey...but hopefully its nothing to serious anyway...but if you need to ask anything further,advice etc..then just ask....But in the meantime if you could leave a rating for me it would be much appreciated..thank you

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