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Mini One Seven 06 Reg Noise from front end which increases

Customer Question

Mini One Seven
06 Reg
Noise from front end which increases with speed.
Loud whining noise as if the tyre treads are struggling to leave the road surface. The whining increases with speed but does not disappear when coasting in neutral. there is no difference when cornering at any speed, the noise is constant. Depressing the clutch pedal has no effect.
If you have ever driven an army land rover on tarmac it is a similar whining noise to that.
I have swapped front to rear tyres with no difference. I can't feel any play in the support bearing on the RHS
There is no steering wobble at speed.
I have discounted the wheel bearings as there is no play and the noise is constant when cornering.
I am suspecting the RHS support bearing though as that seems to be the area it is coming from.
Any help/advice welcome
Submitted: 8 months ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Matt replied 8 months ago.

hello Ben

this sounds like tyre noise to me when you travel over different types of surface does the noise stop or change?

if it does then its tyre tread noise and you may need to have the tracking checked as these cars are prone to the adjusters seizing up so its often left which then results in tyre scrub and excess noise

this could be a worn drive shaft joint - typically these won't produce any vibration unless badly damaged but they can be noisy or 'clonk' for a long time beforehand, turn the steering to full lock and look at the drive-shaft rubber boot there should be no rips or tears in it and the suspension should be clean and dry of any grease. If you reverse at a reasonable speed with the steering on full lock a worn joint will 'click'.

Customer: replied 8 months ago.
neither of the above are obvious.
As stated previuosly I have swapped tyres from front to back - no difference.
There is no damage or knock from the CV joints
Expert:  Matt replied 8 months ago.


the noise is road speed related so its nothing to do with the engine

if the tracking is out though swapping the tyre won't make any difference as the geometry of the suspension is set

does the car pull to one side or another when driving or seem a little 'wayward' when braking into a corner

Customer: replied 8 months ago.
Can't detect any difference when braking into corners and there doesn't seem to be any undue wear on the front tyres. No steering wobble at motorway speed and straight line braking is good. Its definitely not engine noise. The noise seems more concentrated on the driver side.
It (the noise) seems to have different resonating speeds, it builds up to 30 mph then dies away slightly and build up again to 60mph. I will get the tracking checked though as a first hit.
Expert:  Matt replied 8 months ago.


can I ask what make and model of tyre you're running?

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Rear (on the front until last Friday) Excelon Touring Hp - about 4mm tread
Front (on the rear until last Friday) Michelin Green X Energy - almost new (1000 miles done)
All 175/65/R15
All running at 36psi
Expert:  Matt replied 7 months ago.


might be worth trying moving the tyres round so you have 1 make on 1 side ? and move the RH front tyre over from where you are now

I know this isn't recommended but just as an experiment it will show if tyre type is having any influences

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
tried that, had all 4 tyres in various combinations. no difference.
I have booked it in to get the tracking checked/adjusted on Friday to see if it makes a difference.
Expert:  Matt replied 7 months ago.