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My Peugeot 206 1.4 petrol (2005) had clutch trouble the

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My Peugeot 206 1.4 petrol (2005) had clutch trouble the other day. I was in slow moving traffic and the clutch pedal started to feel loose at the bottom as I pressed it down and the car stalled a few times. Then I couldn't get the car in gear with the clutch pedal pressed all the way down. It was taken to a garage which I haven't used before (new to the area) and they had it for 2 days. At first they said they couldn't find a fault with it! They asked what the roadside assistance mechanic thought was wrong with it and I told them that he thought it may be the clutch cable and the adjuster that goes with it. So the garage changed the clutch cable and I picked it up this morning. The cluch still feels loose at the bottom and I don't feel confident that the problem won't happen again. I feel that I can't get the right clutch control in first and second gear now.
I wonder, does a clutch cable change mean that the adjuster was also changed or not? Is it possible that the new cable needs to be adjusted somehow? Am I being paranoid and in fact it will settle down, given a few days?
I don't feel confident to take my car back to the garage because they kept it for so long and were not very communicative or helpful. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


The cable has an auto adjuster on it..the cable automatically adjusts itself according to the clutch be more inclined to be checking the operation of the actualy clutch control arm at the gearbox the cable end is attacted too to ensure the lever at the gearbox in which has the release bearing on it isnt seized or sticking..or the problems with the clutch assembly itself.pressure plate..ive seen siezure with the release arm,thrust bearing on the cars before that actually snap the cable..and the pedal can feel vague fully depressed and cause difficulty getting into and out of gear..if the you can get in gear ok with the engine off..but you cant with the engine on..then your clutch isnt clearing properly so above would ideally need to be looked into..hope this helps

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Hi Robert, thanks for your reply.
OK so because I have no idea what to look for, I will take it to another garage and ask them to check the following:
-clutch control arm is operating normally
-ensure release lever/ release bearing isn't seized or sticking
-check clutch assembly itself, check pressure plate
Do you know how long they should take to check these things?
If I book it in for a check, would it be just an hour, all day job or overnight type scenario? I just want to have a timeframe in mind so I can make alternative travel arrangements for work.


Depends on your garage what sort of time frame it would take them to check all these things...they need to watch how the cable and release levers the gearbox end..if its not fully returning after the pedal has been released..or if the release arm feels tight or seized even by manually levering it back or depressing the clutch at the gearbox end.then id say the problems within the clutch assembly which case you'd be looking at a new clutch assembly put in plus a check of the release arm visually/cleaned up once the gearbox is should time wise take them upto an 1-2 hours to inspect..if a new clutch is to be put in..then pretty much the car will be off the road for a day to replace that or overnight..depending how busy your garage would need to discuss that with them..

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