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I have just had a clutch go GT Line and I have had to fight

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Hi I have just had a clutch go I'm Ceed GT Line and I have had to fight like mad to gat it replaced under warrant, I bought the car 11 months ago and have only done 6800 miles and even though I am told they have an7year warrant the clutch is a wear and tear item and is not covered I have been driving for 58 years and had many new motors from Jaguars, BMWs and even Honda, is the clutch a general problem with this motor, it's a manual gear box


having the clutch replaced under warrenty is always a contentious item - as unless its exploded into a hundred pieces its very difficult to prove that its faulty especially as its possible to abuse a clutch and provoke rapid wear - not that you've done this but its obviously possible to do this.

These cars are know to have issues with the clutch hydraulics though? there's no recall out for it but often bleeding the hydraulics to completly refresh the fluid will resolve gear selection issues

have you seen the actual clutch parts that were changed?

was the friction disk worn down to the rivets?

If you haven't then I'd ask to see them

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