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Good Mornig I have a citoren berlingo myself and my question

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Good Mornig
I have a citoren berlingo myself and my question is: why are gears not changing? they are completly blocked while the engine is on. when the engine is off i can still change gear.


Normally that happens if the clutch isnt disengaging properly..either due to an issue with the pressure plate / release bearing / or the clutch slave cylinder or master cylinder has failed not giving sufficent pressure to the clutch release arm to disengage the clutch when the pedal is depressed..if the clutch pedal feels loose then that likely the case here..things id say to visually check would be to operating of the gear cables to gearbox selector assembly..and then check up into the pedal box area ,clutch pedal for signs of leakage at the push rod between the clutch pedal and master cylinder..aswell as check the slave at the gearbox for leaks...hope this helps

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
I juSt been to a garage and they told me they need to change the clitch and that will cost £ 450.00
Shall I look advice somewhere else?

Yeah.I cant really see it being anything else to be honest as myself and your garage has said,if they have done all their i say if its the pressure plate then that will come with the entire new 3 part clutch kit to fit . just ensure they fit a new slave cylinder to it.. if thats including labour and the clutch kit and slave is a well known branded parts... not your cheap rubbish.. then id say £450 is pretty much in the region of what your likely going to be paying.. of course there is nothing worng getting other quotes locally..just be sure who ever does it cheaper isnt putting ina cheap clutch in..or you "could" look at the same job again getting done...but as it stands looking for advice elsewhere would be pretty pointless if the problems pretty obvious...

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Thank you very much for your answers.

No problem..hope you getting sorted out... Also if you could leave a rating for me it would be much appreciated..thank you

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