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About to buy a Mini One 57 plate. The mot Fail flagged ABS

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About to buy a Mini One 57 plate. The mot Fail flagged ABS fault and Supplementary restraint system warning lamp fault light. Is this costly please and should this be goodbye (have paid a deposit) !
Vehicle has never failed before
Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Collection of the vehicle had been arranged for Sat 20 Jan. Obviously not now. The purchase price already agreed I just want to be prepared in case they argue and want more. They have said the work will take up to a week possibly. It is otherwise in v good condition with 57000 on the clock. Grateful for expert opinion pleaseThanks a lot


It would be hard speculate on costs based on not knowing what sort of fault or problem has occurred in the both these systems..only by those modules getting scanned for codes will you/we will know what kind of problem and approx cost... by experiance it could just be a wheel speed sensor issue/tone ring which is part of the wheelbearing as far ABS goes..the SRS could well be pre tensioner fault myabe a bad connection under the seats maybe.....bear in mind this car shouldnt be able to pass and MOT with the faults.If you've already paid a deposit and they have agreed to fix these problems then it shouldnt cost you to put these things with all secondhand cars the consumer rights law over secondhand cars that all dealers should follow did change in 2015 so you will be covered by that.

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Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Ah - would these be the codes you refer to:-
3.4.1c - ABS fault
5.4.2 for SRS fault??
Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Sorry, I could have given those before but didn't realise. Thanks no need to go into further detail. I will rate as requested