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Matt, Mechanical Engineer
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My May 2015 Mazda 6 2.2 diesel has the oil light on & the

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My May 2015 Mazda 6 2.2 diesel has the oil light on & the low pressure warning message. The oil level is spot on, it does not smell of diesel. Took it to a garage to get it serviced, new oil & filter but the light is still on?? Have asked the garage to order a oil pressure/temp switch?? Before this gets fitted could this be the issue?? Have looked on the forums & it would seem that Mazda have had a lot of issues with the diesel to the extent that they had a recall early 2015. As you would expect Mazda are not being very helpful properly relived that I have just gone over 70K miles.


I'd 1st suggest measuring the actual oil pressure with separate mechanical gauge - this can be plumbed into the engine via the current pressure switch port - if you use a Tee piece you can keep the pressure switch plumbed in as well and so see if the low pressure light corresponds to a low pressure reading.

As its intermittent and you have no rumbling or rattling noises from the engine its likely to be an electrical fault so 1st check the connection to the pressure switch is bright and clean and check back along the switch wiring for any signs of damage to the insulation

As if the wire is grounded out at any point then this will also turn on the light.

if this is all OK and the oil pressure is at least 1.3Bar ( 20psi) at hot idle then replace the switch

If you do have a low pressure reading and to turn on the light it will be very low about 5psi then replace the oil pump and ensure that the pump pickup in the sump hasn't come loose or is blocked

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
Hi Matt,Thank you for coming back to me. My friend with the garage has checked the pressures & its 30psi on tick over & 60 psi at 3000rpm, I assume from your comments you would be happy with this. He has checked that the connections are clean & has carried out a visual check on the wiring, he is going to test with a meter tomorrow, if that does not show anything to earth will have to wait for the switch to arrive which will be Wednesday/Thursday. Just out of interest do Mazda still have issues with the diesel engines or has this been sorted out with modifications as there seems to be a lot of negative comments, I have to admit up until now I have been really pleased with the car & was thinking of trading it in for a new one but I'm not so sure now.Ian


yes those reading are good and show that the engine is is healthy

the earlier 2.2 engine does have issues with DPF failures and clogs up with town use

however it was resolved for the latest model that you have

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Customer: replied 5 months ago.
Thank you for your help & putting my mind at rest.