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I have a 2002 Petrol S Type. For some months I have

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I have a 2002 Petrol S Type. For some months I have experienced a snatch of jerk when pulling away from stationary position. On two occasions recently I have had a warning message 'Gearbox Fault' appear and the car then only moves in a low gear. I switch off and wait a while and restart and the message clears and the car drives normally. Could this be a Torque converter or gearbox oil level problem? If so can any garage service remedy this or is it a Main dealer issue?

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On your issue that hitching part is slippage of the transmission. Recommend the Jag dealer to scan the fault and diagnose the issue . Could be an internal issue with the transmission itself . The Jag dealer will have all the special tools and equipment to diagnose and repair the vehicle .

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Customer: replied 6 months ago.
I did not think your answer said any more than confirm what I had suggested regarding a main dealer. I see from other posts the same fault characteristic is reported, so it is a common fault. What I was looking for was more information on the likely causes so I can discuss sensibly with a repair Garage. To better inform one is precisely what I thought this JustAnswer site is for.

Common or not common fault . There are many different fault codes can be stored and may pertain to different areas or gears of the transmission which that was not mentioned . Giving much more details can broaden the issue and make you queasy if you want to repair or not . Cost is a big factor these days and letting a outside shop may cost you more in the long run .

So did you actually scan test the vehicle ? This scan may narrow down the area of the transmission for diagnosis. ( no information given on that ) . I'm not trying to be blunt but more information that you give me I could shed a light on your issue here.

Help me to help you.


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