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Pete I have a skoda octavia 1.6 tdi 2011, it's an EGR fault

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Hi Pete I have a skoda octavia 1.6 tdi 2011, it's an EGR fault P040100 and P040300 Is there a quick fix or do I need to replace it. I have not had the VW emissions upgrade done. Thanks Mike


P0401 is insufficent flow issue with regards ***** ***** EGR would be worth at least givin that have the valave remove and cleaned out..if its heavily blocked with soot/carbon build up then that would likely cause certainly have garage etc perform that first and then take the car on good hard run to the engine upto operating temp keeping the revs high to help burn off any can check if you car is under the software update by simply checking this site "CLICK HERE" or you can enquire with your local Skoda dealer.but normally they send you letter if yours is effected...hope this helps

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Thank you. We do come under the software update, but haven't had it done, due to all the negativety about having it done and the problem people have been having after. In your honest opinion do you think it's worth doing the update.? The car has done 150000+ miles. Thanks Mike

Well.. i do know alot of cars ive had in my garage Audi's , VW , Skoda that came under the software my opinion never really felt much differance to be honest,maybe a slight power reduction in some cases.but none that come in for service work have ever had any issues after which?? well according to some of my customers who had it done anyway..but only the dealer can do it though....Guess it depends on how long your willing to hold onto the car based on the mileage...but be aware the MOT emissons for diesels are changing to make it harder for high polluting enigne to pass.will come into force around May it certainly something to look into maybe.unless you selling or trading in quite soon i wouldnt bother..

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Thank you once again. I will book it in to my local garage to get the valve cleaned and go from there. Mike

Thats no problem..glad to help... if you could leave a rating for me..much appreciated..

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