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I have a shogun sport 2003 showing no oil pressure and the

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Hi I have a shogun sport 2003 showing no oil pressure and the oil light is on but has plenty of oil in her and the oil cap has lost the brass bit that holds it in places please help. Thank you
Assistant: Have you checked the oil? How old is your oil pump?
Customer: Yeah first thing I did plenty there only had the vehicle 2 years the bills that came with it says it was renewed 7 years ago
Assistant: Well, we require $5.
Customer: Ok how do I pay
Assistant: When we are ready I'll take you to the appropriate web page.
Customer: Great thanks
Assistant: What is the model of your '03 Mitsubishi?
Customer: Shogun equip
Assistant: Are you fixing your vehicle yourself? What have you tried so far?
Customer: Not this time but just had the head gasket and new head done all belts and the alternator has been a bit dodgy took it to a garage and they didn’t know what the wire were for so left them hanging
Assistant: Anything else you want the mechanic to know before I connect you?
Customer: No that’s about it I think


So what was the reason for the head and headgasket to be repalced? was the gasket blown or resulting in cross contamination with coolant/oil "cream sludge"??

Does the engine sound louder mechanically since this happened?

Was this a sudden issue or one that occurred just after the work carried out??

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
The head gasket was replaced as the temperature kept rising thought we sort that new radiator all new water pipes but then oil came out of the oil filler no mixing of water and oil.No engine sound normal and yes it’s sudden straight after they looked at the alternator (fan belts are slipping previous owner put the wrong size bolt in the hole) 3 wires were hang off the alternator and the garage left them hanging.

Ok... Firstly with regards ***** ***** oil cap your refer to as broken id suggest at least souring another one..either new , secondhand "breakers yard" and replace it if its not fully seating or locking... The logical step id say regarding the oil light issue..would be to locate the oil pressure switch..which ever engine you have there are several places they put these at..either on the cylinder or at the oil filter housing itself..obviously this should of been something for your garage to inspect..there is lots of information out there to tell your garage the location of these pressure switches to which ever engine you have..then make a check to ensure the switch is plugged in..normally they are just single wire with space maybe during all that work you had done maybe they have forgotten to plug that in or they knocked it off...if the switch is still connected..then they msut check the wiring - then either remove the switch and pefrom an oil pressure test to ensure its within spec..if so and that test comes back as positive..then it likely the switch is bad and simply needs replaced and that should be that...however if the oil pressure is low then you either have issue internally , bad oil pump , faulty oil filter , or blocked oil ways within the engine..DO NOT use flushing agents to help clear any blockages..use cheap standard oil to do that..instead..but likel i say check the oil pressure switch first/wiring and take it from there as above..hope this helps

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Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Great thank you very much
Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Thank you it was only the wire out on the oil pressure switch

Many thanks for keeping me updated..glad to read its wasnt something to major,could only of been of that to be honest... however if you ever need any further advice or help about your ask then just ask.happy to help..