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I drive a 2009 Mazda 6 Ts2 I took my car for a MOT and the

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Good afternoon,I drive a 2009 Mazda 6 Ts2I took my car for a MOT and the most costly service they provide, there where some repairs, costing a total of over £800.2/3 weeks later of normal driving, i hear an awful noise from a wheel, i return the car and ask them to check.He tells me that the sliders in the carrier had 'rotted' and caused the calipers to seize, this wore down the brake pads because it was holding onto the disks, and this damaged the disks and calipers irreparably. so they need to be replaced.Front and back.This will cost a further £800He tells me that in their 'major service' they checked the brakes but the caliper was OK, so there was no way of quoting it up. because then they would be "over-quoting me and ripping me off".Now, if the most expensive service they provide couldn't (didn't) find this problem, then when would it ever normally be found before it's too late?I'm thinking that maybe its possible they messed up my brakes during the service or missed this problem, and are trying to cover for itSo my main question is, is this a legit unforeseeable problem, or am i being taken for a fool?thank-you.


do you have an itemised bill for the 1st service?

as there should be a line in there that state' check for full service and safe operation of braking system'

If the slider had rotted ( and I doubt that this has happened) it should have been picked up on that part of the service

I'd ask to see the 'rotted' and broken parts as I have never seen a brake slider thats corroded - usually they are made of stainless steel and so cannot rust.

what I suspect is when they replaced the pads they failed to tighten a slider bolt or cross threaded it so the slider then falls out or comes loose which then locks up the caliper and grinds the pads and discs down.

so again I say, ask to see the broken / rotted caliper parts

I've attached an image of a typical brake caliper - yours will look something like this

the 'sliders' are parts 11 and 9 on the image so hopefully you will get a better idea of how it all works

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