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sebastian manrique
sebastian manrique, Auto Mechanic
Category: Car
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Experience:  Director Ejecutivo at Multiservicios Cruz de las Mercedes
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Great apart from my Hyundai is idling too low and wonder

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Great apart from my Hyundai is idling too low and wonder where to adjust
Assistant: How many miles are on the car? What size is the engine?
Customer: 2 litre 12000 Hyundai ix35
Assistant: What is the model/year of your Hyundai?
Customer: 10 plate
Assistant: Are you fixing your vehicle yourself? What have you tried so far?
Customer: Yes plan to nothing
Assistant: Anything else you want the mechanic to know before I connect you?
Customer: No thanks

Hello, I am Jose Sebastian. Your mechanic automotive expert, It's a pleasure to me to attend your question. Thank you very much for trust in just answer.

Would you tell me please the mileage of your car, what kind of fuel does your car use, and what are the last maintenances you have done lately?
Thanks in advance.

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Mot and service diesel 110000 miles
Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Nope out at family meal not appropriate to talk if you can describe then I can have a look tomo and if I have any issues can call back

Dear customer, this is due to a problem in thethrottle body can be due to a deprogramming in the body or a lack of maintenance.

Could you tell me if you have done maintenance to the throttle body, in addition if you have made a computerized diagnosis?
Thanks in advance.

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
No maintenance and no computer diagnosis

Dear customer, these types of failures are common with the time and travel that your vehicle has, identify them accurately is hard but I will proceed to indicate the areas that you should check in your vehicle so that you understand what is happening and we can reach the solution of your problem

A diesel vehicle works with certain conditions that we must have in full operation so that the vehicle works well

A diesel vehicle requires the following 4 factors
1) good compression in the cylinders
2) a high pressure in the fuel injection system
3) a good air intake
4) and a high temperature in the cylinders.

Firstly, the compression can be rule out in your case, because when there is a loss of compression in the cylinders, the vehicle constantly fails more in the Diesel, so do not worry because this happens when there is internal damage to the engine but it is not your case.

As a second, you can have problems in the fuel injection pressure, this pressure is given by the fuel pump, but there are certain factors that can affect this pressure, such as lack of maintenance, dirt in the tank, filters clogged or dirty, a defect with the injectors cause these problems as you describe me, for example your vehicle is in good working conditions until the pump becomes clogged with dirt or overheats more than usual causing it to lose strength and cause your failures
This is solvable by performing maintenance on the fuel rail and its components, in addition, replacing its filters.

Then as I mentioned a good air intake is necessary for a good operation of the vehicle, when we present problems in the air supercharger/ air intake or in some sensor of the throttle body or mass air flow, because these sensors are responsible for regulating the acceleration of the vehicle, to know the good or bad operation of these is necessary to perform a computerized diagnosis to know the parameter of them.

At last a good temperature, if the faults occur in very cold climates, it is good to analyze the refrigeration system and thermostat of the vehicle, if the engine cools more than the account also produces power losses.
As you will see dear customer there are several factors to analyze, I consider it prudent that the first thing you do is a good automotive diagnosis with a scanner that has Hyundai software according to the parameters that the technician obtains, we proceed to check.

Another case that we have to take into account is a deprogramming in the system, but with the diagnostic scanner it will be easily rule out or sorted out, this is done resetting the data to factory and it generally solve the problem.

Dear customer, this are the causes we need to check in order to have the problem sorted.

Have you understood me, dear customer?

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
thanks revert after checking

You are welcome, please check and let me know. Best regards.
Dear Customer, my goal is to give you the best advice I can and I hope that I've helped, remember to rate my service by selecting from the 3,4,5 stars at the top of the screen before you leave. If you need more help, please let me know. Even after you rate we can keep in touch.

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