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What fails a UK MOT?

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What fails a UK MOT?


A wide number of things can cause a car or vehicle to fail it MOT..Can you be more specific or what has you vehicle currently failed on?

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
It’s due an MOT tomo. I don’t know anything about cars really and trust our mechanic but I kinda wanted to predict what it may fail on. Are you able to give a list. Can be brief and short doesn’t have to be detailed. I know about seatbelts and tyres and brakes. But what else.


Other than what you already highlighted..a few obvious things will be check as per below

Suspension,Drivetrain componants - springs,struts,balljoints,bushings, driveshaft, bearings

Steering system - leaks,track rods ends

Exhaust - any leaks, system is supported correctly , diesel DPF is still in place and not tampered with

Brake pipes - solid lines checked for corrosion and such and flexi lines check for cracking

Brakes - pads,disc condition , handbrake and braking performance is checked

Lights - all exterior lights must be working inc reverse lights, all lenses are checked and headlamp beam alignment

Stuctural checks - including mounting points , sills, exterior issue or sharp edges, excessive corrosion

Instrument warning lights - must all go off..includes - abs , engine lights, steering system warnings , airbags/srs

Windcreen wipers and wash - must all work and drivers view must be clear, nostone chips on drivers view of windscreen

Emissons - checked on smoke machine to be tested that its within manufacturer spec for catalytic converter performance ( diesels will be more focused on with regards ***** ***** performance )

Seatbelts of course

All 4 doors will be checked for locking and closing,exterior handles

Tyres - condition of tread, wear , side wall checks

Oil leaks,fluid leaks are inspected

Although the test is done at the MOT testers own judgement or opinion.they will list any fails based on that under Dangerous, Major or Minor...

Robert and other Car Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Ok thanks