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My daughter has a 2010 VW Fox 1.2 which has recently

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My daughter has a 2010 VW Fox 1.2 which has recently developed a misfire type symptom. It will sometimes run fine but after slowing (for a roundabout for example) and then accelerating, the engine management light will flash and the car will go into limp mode and cough and splutter a lot. Switch off the ignition, restart and the problem has gone until the next cycle of slow/accelerate. The AA have fitted a new coil to one cylinder and the local garage have swapped coils and spark plugs. Apparently diagnostics show a problem with No.1 cylinder and they say it will need a new fuel injector (cost £275.00) I dont feel convinced by this, wouldn't an injector misbehave all the time? Also the problem only seems to be there when the engine is warm.
Your thoughts please as this is a high price to pay if it doesn't cure the problem, but ok if it does.

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There is also an option to remove and clean the injector. It's worth it if it has failed due to being clogged up. Also, I would recommend replacing the fuel filter if you go down the path of fitting a new injector.

When was the fuel filter replaced?

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
Not sure on that possibly 15000 miles ago. Do you agree though that a faulty/dirty injector could cause the problems described.

A dirty/faulty injector can cause the problems you described and the fact that the diagnostic computer has also picked that up so, you can't really argue with what the ECU tells you. You should replace the fuel filter first because it has to be replaced every 30,000miles and if you use supermarket fuel, I would recommend changing it before the standard 30,000mile rule.

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