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sebastian manrique
sebastian manrique, Auto Mechanic
Category: Car
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Experience:  Director Ejecutivo at Multiservicios Cruz de las Mercedes
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It keeps cutting out and has no power, I can't get it to

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It keeps cutting out and has no power, I can't get it to 2000 revs, and it occasionally chucks black smoke out of the exhaust
Assistant: Is the power loss consistent, or does it fluctuate?
Customer: It seems to be revving between 1000 revs and 1800,and when black smoke appears it conks out or the revs go really low.
Assistant: What is the make/model of your car?
Customer: Vauxhall vectra 1900 diesel 04 plate.
Assistant: Are you fixing your vehicle yourself? What have you tried so far?
Customer: I've put injector cleaner in the diesel tank, and just hoping for luck..
Assistant: Anything else you want the mechanic to know before I connect you?
Customer: I did have a few problems a while back and having burn ups on the motorway cured it. That means I did between 60 and 70 on the motorway in 3rd gear, not 6th,reving it to about 3 to 4 thousand revs.

Hi, my name is***** your mechanic automotive expert, and I will be happy to assist you today. In some cases, I may need more information to assist better. I apologize for any delay.

I try to be here most weekdays and some weekends. If you respond and I do not respond back right away I will do so as soon as I can.

Could you tell me please the mileage of your car and if you have any indicator lit on your dashboard?
thanks in advance.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
078147 miles and the engine management light is on, it's shaped like an engine on the right of the dash. I'm saying that because another light sometimes comes on below the rev counter, but that hasn't been on for ages. That one I think has a big question mark on it.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Just text for now.

Dear customer, I understand the problem you present first Let me explain:

Black smoke is nothing but vaporized coal: when the fuel is hot and does not have enough oxygen for combustion, there is an erroneous explosion with a lot of traces of fuel in the exhaust which causes the smoke you can see of dark gray coloring.

This means that your vehicle is either not giving enough air to the system because of some problem in the turbo, or the injection system has some problems and is injecting much more fuel than air. I want to clarify that the mixture of air and fuel inside the cylinder must be stoichiometric, this means that there is equal amount of air with equal amount of fuel inside the cylinders.

As diesel is basically oil, leaks or clogged injectors cause the engine to inject more fuel than necessary, and therefore smoke is produced.

This type of problem commonly happens due to lack of maintenance and partnerships in the system. I always recommend to first perform a computer diagnosis because this may indicate the error codes that the computer may be generating. If there comes some defective component that detects a sensor, for example if you have problems in the mixture, it is very likely the exhaust system will detect it, or if you have a problem with the advance of the injection pump can also be observed in the error code of the fuel regulator that detects a high pressure.
In short dear customer, if the problem does not detect a sensor you will be able to attack the problem more accurately and with a reduction in costs. Therefore, i always recommend first make a computer diagnosis in these jobs.

Dear customer, of course sometimes the scanner may not indicate anything and this is because many times the consumptions are produced by lack of maintenance. So, if this is the case what you are going to do is first replace all the filters, you must perform a maintenance to the injectors and the injection pump, do not use additives to clean the fuel system on the contrary you can cause greater damage, finally it is not too much to perform a review of the air intake system, the throttle body and the turbo and its pipes, because as I explained, it can not only be a problem in fuel injection but if there is little air in the system gives the same result with the smoke in the exhaust.

Have you understood me dear customer?

Dear Customer, my goal is to give you the best advice I can and I hope that I've helped today.If more help is needed or something is not understood, please use the reply tab to continue our conversation. You can rate at any time by selecting at the 5 stars rating system and we can continue to work on your question as this will not close out your question. I work on delivering the best answer and help here but in some cases, it can be difficult to do without seeing the vehicle. If no further assistance is needed, kindly rate my service, your 5-star rating is appreciated and is the only way i receive credit.

Please note, you are rating the content of my "answer" - my help to you - not the "system" which can experience delays etc. which are not under my personal control -or delays caused by "time -off" which we all have on occasion - Thank you.

Best regards, Sebastian.

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