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sebastian manrique
sebastian manrique, Auto Mechanic
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Vibration in third gear under load. Had tyres replaced but

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Vibration in third gear under load. Had tyres replaced but still the same.
Assistant: How old are the tires? And have they been a problem in the past?
Customer: They are brand new. Vibration still present.
Assistant: What is the model/year of your Kia?
Customer: 2013
Assistant: Are you fixing your vehicle yourself? What have you tried so far?
Customer: Serviced at kia dealer. They said it was the tyres but the vibration is still there
Assistant: Anything else you want the mechanic to know before I connect you?
Customer: No just this vibration in third gear under load
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Kia soul shaker 2013
I've been working hard to find a Professional to assist you with your question, but sometimes finding the right Professional can take a little longer than expected.
I wonder whether you're ok with continuing to wait for an answer. If you are, please let me know and I will continue my search. If not, feel free to let me know and I will cancel this question for you.
Thank you!
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
OK carry on with your research. But try to get an early answer.

Hi, my name is***** your mechanic automotive expert, and I will be happy to assist you today. In some cases, I may need more information to assist better. I apologize for any delay.

I try to be here most weekdays and some weekends. If you respond and I do not respond back right away I will do so as soon as I can.

Dear customer, could you tell me please your mileage and if is it happenning just in 3rd gear?
What are the last maintenances you have done to your trasnmission and your suspension?
Thank you.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Mileage is 42000.Car has had a annual service since new because of the warranty with Kia. Vibration became more noticeable at 35000.They said it was the tyres which have been replaced. But I wasn't convinced by there answer. Vibration is still there after new tyres fitted. Vibration occurs between 30 miles and 40 miles an hour. Hope this helps.

Dear customer, does this happens without a loss of power?

I would like to know where does the vibration feels if it is in the whole vehicle or if it is a vibration that is perceived only on the steering wheel or on the gearshift?

I would like to know if you have already made replacements to the bases or supports of the engine and transmission?

Also, if you have made any maintaineance to the front end of your vehicle lately?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
There's been no work done on the. front end no suspension or struts have been altered As is just annual service.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Vibration coming from gearbox under load.

Hello dear customer, i apology for my delay. I had to be absent during the weekend due personal issues, but now i am back.

Dear customer, I would like to know how much time you since the last maintenance to the following components:

Mounts and supports of the engine and transmission

Front train rubbers

Front and rear bearings

Tripoids of shaft ends

And replacements of the springs of the suspension

I would like to know if these components mentioned above have already undergone their respective replacement due to the route they have

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
As the car has done 42000 miles Al that you mentioned is not required The car has just an MOT And passed with no problems. I'm convinced it coming from the gearbox.

Dear customer, forgive me but your Skoda is 2013 and already has about 6 years of use, a mileage of 42,000 miles is not something short, it is a good route, and although it does not show anything and the garage does not indicate it, I can tell you that you are in the prudential time of these reviews, I do not say that it is necessary to replace, but on the other hand, I would like to know if in addition to the vibration you feel problems in the transmission when making the changes, or when moving?

Also, I think you should make a replacement of oil and filter in the transmission soon, Did you already made it?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
My car is a kia soul shaker 2013.Not a Skoda. The problems as mentioned earlier still apply.

Sorry, i meant Kia, but worte skoda.
Now about your Kia and the problem of vibration:

Dear customer, if you prefer the vibration of the transmission, I will give you the following tips:

The first thing you are going to do is to verify the mounts and supports of the transmission, because if the rubbers are worn or broken the transmissions vibrate and it does not mean that you have a serious failure within the transmission but that simply the rubber no longer has the ability to absorb the normal vibrations that produce the transmission and you must replace them.

You already have 42 thousand miles, the second advice that I give you Is that you do a good maintenance on the transmission replaces its fluid and replaces its filter because the transmission oil losing viscosity can cause this kind of problems, besides that if the filter It is already very dirty and clogged also generate problems.

I would not worry about thinking of an internal transmission problem because of the short distance it has, but if you do not take into account the maintenance of the transmission over time these vibrations begin to generate problems in the internal transmission and you can damage it, so we must always keep the maintenance up to date.

Do you understand me?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
perfectly. I will be seeing a technician tomorrow at Kia motors and ask. him to check mountings etc. And filter and oils. Thank you for your help.

You are welcome dear customer, if any doubt surges after the talk with the Kia technician let me know, even after you rate in the 5 stars rating system located at the top of your screen we can keep in touch.
Thanks in advance.

sebastian manrique, Auto Mechanic
Category: Car
Satisfied Customers: 2969
Experience: Director Ejecutivo at Multiservicios Cruz de las Mercedes
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