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R Gordon
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I have a renault megane from 2004,1.9DCI.I cleaned my egr

Customer Question

Hello,I have a renault megane from 2004,1.9DCI.I cleaned my egr valve with EGR valve cleaner (spray).I followed the instructions from the label but I did not let the engine to run on idle enough time to evacuate the liquid,so I accelerate to 4000 Rpm,but the engine over revv at maximum,a lot of black smoke from exhaust and then simply “died”.Then I turned it back on and it worked fine,but the Engine light was still on.3 weeks after that I tried again with the Egr valve cleaner,same happened,lot of black smoke from exhaust when I accelerate,engine died again.But this time engine did not start anymore and no electric in the car except central locking.I discovered CAL2 400Amp fuse blown and the left side of the positive pole of the battery,the 30Amps fuse also blown.I made a bridge to see if I get the electric back and I did.But when I tried to start the car,I only could hear like a very short sound as if the engine will try to spin shortly ,but wont start and the wire bridge was burned again if I keep press start button for few seconds.So no use for sacrifice the new fuses.I did mount new fuses back but I didn’t tried to start the car,knowing it will blow them again.So yesterday I went to a nearby garage,speak to the mechanic,left the key card,they are very busy these days,so he said today he will come to collect the car.So he came late afternoon,I don’t know how he checked my car but he ring me and he said the cambelt might be broken and engine might be damaged.He asked if I want him to take the car back to the garage to make sure,mentioning its a big chance of that happening.And I said yes ,it worth checking that tomorrow.But could this be possible? Then why it keeps blowing the fuses? When I asked here on your site answer was :it could be alternator or starter motor,so I was shocked to here what mechanic said.Sounded like he wasn’t sure,and how could he possibly suspect that since the car wont even start and keeps blowing fuses?They blow because of shortcircuit only,right? Is it possible that is it roght what he suspects?
Submitted: 15 days ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  R Gordon replied 15 days ago.

You could have easily damaged the engine and possibly seized it when it over revved if it is a manual transmission try rocking the car

in gear with the bonnet up look at the engine pulleys see if they move or are solid make sure ignition key out

when doing this


Customer: replied 15 days ago.
Car is at a nearby garage now,I will find out tomorrow if its the cambelt .I just wonder if its the cambelt,then why the cal2 fuse and the 30Amps fuse keeps blowing?
Customer: replied 15 days ago.
Is there a possibility to be starter motor or alternator causing a shortcircuit and not a problem with the engine?Symptoms are same
Customer: replied 15 days ago.
As I mentioned in first question,car is at the garage nearby so I cannot do checks for pulleys myself at the moment.
Expert:  R Gordon replied 15 days ago.

if the engine is seized it will put excess load on the electrics when attempting to start and blow fuses


Customer: replied 15 days ago.
Oh,ok,I understand,I’ll just have pacience untill tomorrow,mechanic will ring me.Hopefully its electric.Thank you!