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Category: Cardiology
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My wife has had a pacemaker for 5 years, and generally has

Customer Question

My wife has had a pacemaker for 5 years, and generally has no problems. She knows that she shouldn't pass through the metal detector at air ports. However we should like to know if is would be unsafe to (a) use a massage mattress pad which I use for my back problem (b) have her teeth scaled normally with an electric descaler. In fact she has not had this method so the hygienist descales by hand. (c) use an electric toothbrush.

Can a pacemaker be upset only by magnetism, or is any electrical apparatus to be avoided?

Roderic Knight [email protected]
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Cardiology
Expert:  Dr. Phil, MD replied 4 years ago.
Hello. I'm Dr. Phil, licensed and practicing internist. Excellent service is my goal.

Thank you Roderic.

Do you know the brand of pacemaker she has?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No I do not know which brand of pacemaker my wife is using.



Roderic Knight

Expert:  Dr. Phil, MD replied 4 years ago.
So you don't want my help at all Roderic?

I believe I can still assist you.
Expert:  Dr. Phil, MD replied 4 years ago.
I noticed that our chat is not complete.

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