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Dr. W.Chu
Dr. W.Chu, Board Certified Physician
Category: Cardiology
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Experience:  I am board-certified in Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular diseases, Interventional Cardiology and Echocardiography.
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Hello, I am a 39 year old female with Long QT syndrome, which

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Hello, I am a 39 year old female with Long QT syndrome, which is currently managed with 2mg of bisoprolol daily.

Recently I have started experiencing multiple Ventricular Ectopic heartbeats, which have been recorded and identified on a cardiocall.

My cardiologist has increased my bisoprolol to 5mg and plans to record with another cardiocall in January, however even on the increased dose the ectopic beats are happening on a daily basis.

I would very much appreciate a cardiologists thoughts/input on my situation. I am terrified that when the ventricular ectopic beats occur they may trigger a dangerous arrhythmia or torsades des pointes. I appreciate that my panic and stress about this is probably increasing the likelihood of the ectopic beats, but the vicious circle that I find myself in has become unbearable.

I do not know how to manage the ectopic beats when they occur. I don't know whether to treat them as 'panic', 'benign', or consider that they may trigger something more dangerous because of the Long QT.

I would be so grateful for your advice...

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Person's Gender: Female
Person's Age: 39

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NHS cardiologist

Hello there, thanks for the good question and I am sorry to hear you are experiencing symptoms and very worried. Apparently beta-blocker is not working very well in your case and this medication can not prevent serious conditions as you are worried about. I think you should see an electrophysiologist (specialized cardiologist in dealing with long QT syndrome) as soon as possible and seek the possibility of ICD placement to prevent sudden death. If the ventricular ectopies can not be managed medically, they can be ablated by the electrophysiologist. I would definitely seek their professional opinion ASAP.

Please ask follow up questions if have. If you are satisfied with my answers, please rate me positively so I can get credit for my work. Thank you very much.

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