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Dr. Phil, MD
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What signs could point to a heart problem? I am a 36 yr old

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What signs could point to a heart problem? I am a 36 yr old female and have been having intermittent chest pains in the middle of my chest for around 4 years. I have an enlarged spleen which nobody can find a reason for, constant bleeding gums, which the dentist can't find a reason for. I have had nothing show up on a chest X-ray and have had normal ECGs. But nobody will give me any other tests due to my 'age'. I have suffered with stomach ulcers, which they thought might be the cause of the pain, but I can get breathy when I rush and have been known to have chest pains, sickness and dizziness after running.
Hello. I'm Dr. Phil, licensed and practicing internist. Excellent service is my goal.

Typical cardiac chest pain would come with exertion

Due to your history, it sounds like ulcers

But if you are having symptoms at rest, I would at least like a stress test to rule out other problems
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Yes, I reckon the ulcers are causing some of the pain. But I do get awful pain, sickness and dizziness and feeling faint after I have run for the bus or hurried because I'm late etc. it takes about 30mins or more to feel ok after an 'episode'. Could this be because I am unfit or does it sound heart like?
Yes, that could be a sign of a cardiac issue

If you were my patient, I would request an echo and stress test
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