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Hi Im 33 years old, in good physical health. (Working out

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I'm 33 years old, in good physical health. (Working out with high impact cardio 5 times a week)

When I was 27 I started getting palpitations when going through a period of stress - I should mention I was drinking over the recommended daily allowance of caffeine and alcohol. I went into a&e petrified to be told I was having ectopic heartbeats and I should see my gp... My chest x ray was fine and ECG was also normal.

I had private cover and was seen by a cardiologist who did a stress test on a treadmill which was highly reassuring, they did notice I had an innocent grade 2 murmur which I had from birth...and also a minor partial right branch bundle block on their ECG - all normal variants. I was diagnosed with benign ectopic beats.

Over the last few years the palps remain so I'm used to them (about 1 every couple of minutes if I pay attention to my pulse) however every now and then I have an episode where my heart feels out of wack for a few seconds and feels like it's wobbling outside of my chest, I then get a huge surge of adrenalin that goes all the way to my finger tips and my heart settles back into sync...I'm left petrified...talking through this with my doctor they advised it could be a short burst of super-ventricular tachycardia but unless caught on ECG/holster monitor they can't advise. I live in fear that I could have a heart attack as crazy as it sounds...

These episodes normally happen before my period or when I'm nervous. Or sometimes totally out of the blue

I should mention I have had 2 holster monitors for 24 hour periods which come back clear each time. It just so happened nothing happened...I can go weeks/months without an episode.

I should mention these episodes are totally different to palpitations my heart feels wobbly and it's a very uncomfortable sensation outside of my chest leaving my very scared but it literally lasts a few seconds..

Should I return to the doctors again, are these symptoms dangerous?
Hello. I'm Dr. Phil, licensed and practicing internist. Excellent service is my goal.

Thanks for this question

Given the workup you have had, I would not worry

The next step could be an "event monitor" though.

This is a monitor you wear for about 30 days and it records the heart rhythm when you push a button.

It is like a long holter

I doubt it is serious but it would be nice to know what is causing this. It is probably a benign arrhythmia like PVCs though

I hope this helps.

If you have more questions, just reply. :)
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