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My 92year old mother had been booked in for a pacemaker insertion

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My 92year old mother had been booked in for a pacemaker insertion 2 weeks ago,as her 24 hour tape showed 11 long pauses of the Q-T interval
She has been on Warfarin for years,also has had Hypertension for 40 plus years and is a Type 2 Diabetic on Glicazide and Metformin.Recently Dr.wanted her on Pioglitazone,but we haven't started it due to the alarming info. on the drug insert.

When I took her fo the procedure,for which she had been fasting,she was admitted to the Cardiology suite at the hospital,cannulated,waited 2 hours,then only to be told by the Dr. that he wasn't going to do the p/maker,but would take her off her Atenolol and Digoxin.I reminded the Dr that she had high BP for many years.He then said he would prescibe Amlodopine in the meantime,that he would repeat a 48 hour tape in 2weeks' time nd see her in 2 month's time.
We didn't understand why she had undergone all this unnecessary stress to be told this decision,which should have been made 2 weeks previously in clinic.
We have contacted PALS at the hospital.
We have been monitoring her BP and Pulse,although the BP is o.k.,her pulse has been in the 90's
My question is ...does my mother really need this p/maker with all the risks involved?Could the Digoxin have caused the long Q-T intervals?She is scheduled for a 48 hour tape on 10/6.
Thank you for your opinion.
Hello. I'm Dr. Phil, licensed and practicing internist. Excellent service is my goal.

Thanks for this question

yes, the doctor should have done this before going through taking her to the cardiology suite.

This should have been found

However, on the positive side, she didn't have the surgery! I think the meds could be the cause. And she may not needs it.

We will have to wait and see what the follow up tape shows
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