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hi...My mum had a pacemaker fitted on 10th july at a known

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hi...My mum had a pacemaker fitted on 10th july at a known NHS hospital in london. It was fitted immediately after she was taken by ambulance following a heart attack. Mum had been very fatigued and sleepy the days prior to that. She had been also avoiding open heart surgery for last two years.
Anyway, following the pacemaker implantation, she was taken to recovery room and was awake for 15 minutes before feeling dizzy and about to vomit. shortly before that, she had lifted herslef slightly to nove in position. Nobody warned her of avoiding this.
she survived 15 minutes only after waking up from anaesthetic, enough time to see her children and died immediately after that following dizziness and wanting to vomit.
Her BP plummted and heart stopped beating.
My concerns are ....could the pacemaker been inserted incorrectly or dislodged after she moved....and why did she look dizzy shortly before she die..
Any explinations or a heartbroken daughter.
she was an amazing compassionate mum.
Thank u for ur advice.
Hello. I'm Dr. Phil, licensed and practicing internist. Excellent service is my goal.
I'm so sorry about your mum.
That is terrible.
What did the hospital say caused it
Customer: replied 3 years ago.


This was a letter written by my brother to the hospital shortly after my mu death...asking explination. it will give you a good picture of what happened and dhospital reply.

On 10th July 2014 my mother arrived by Ambulance to Casualty at Royal Free Hospital suffering symptons of a Heart Attack. It was decided to carry out an Angiogram. I have always been told that an Angiogram was not a dangerous procedure.

My Mother died at 16.20 immediately within 1 hour after an Angiogram which also involved having a pacer fitted.
She seemed fine after the operation and was told that she could hopefully go home after 3 days and was sent to the recovery ward upstairs in Floor 10 West room 4. However after 1 hour she suddenly felt like vomiting and then needed rescucitation which involved a tremendous amount of blood bleeding from her mouth and Nose.
We found her with a large amount of blood in her mouth and nostrils. Her chest seemed to have filled up with blood, possibly due to the pacemaker being fitted.

I have not been given a proper explanation into what exactly happened and how she died except that is was due 1) Myocardial infarcation and 2) Ischaemic Heart Disease. However this doesnt explain the sudden death and Bleeding.

Please could you forward this letter to the correct department and ask the surgeon to review the matter and provide me with a detailed report of the cause of death of my mother.

during the angiogram were any stents placed?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.


Im just waiting to verify this with someone.

okay get back to me Noor
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have verified ur previous question re stents:reply from my brother...

Yes, I remember the doctors telling us that there was another artery blocked which they managed to open up by placing a stent. However that because one of the Chambers of her heart had collapsed, they decided to place a Heart pace maker.

The above was told to me by a lady Doctor, straight after Mum came out of the operating theatre still alive. I then went to visit her in her bed and she was awake and recovering and asked me how did the operation go and what they had done. Then after 5 minutes they took her upstairs to the main Ward, whereby her state deteriorated very fast and within 20 minutes she was pronounced dead.

After she died the doctors later told us that they tried to resuscitate her for 20 minutes but it was no use. And that she died due to her heart chamber collapse and that operation wasnt enough to save her life.

I hope that answers your question,


Most likely she had a heart attack meaning an artery became blocked again or the stent failed
Or she developed a lethal arrhythmia like ventricular fibrillation
The dizziness is from lack of blood to the brain because the heart is failing
To answer your question yes....any number of errors could have occurred to cause this
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