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In 2012 I was diagnosed to have AF (Atrial Fibrilation) and

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In 2012 I was diagnosed to have AF (Atrial Fibrilation) and prescribed daily warfarin tablets, settled eventually at 5mg per day, then later increased not 6mg on two days each week; -5mg on all other days. My coagulation time kept fairly constant in the 2 - 2.5 range.
I am a healthy 94 year old male ,living u alone without help, remarkably fit, well and happy age. People, including GP's, nurses and friends constantly comment on my much younger appearance. I have not had any serious heart problems to date, no strokes, no heart operations, no pacemaker fitted: all things which many of my WWII Veteran comrades seem to have experienced. I eat a very nutritional balanced diet, with an evening glass of red wine.
A few weeks ago I discovered the many health benefits of a daily sprinkling of Chia seeds on my alternating morning porridge/muesli. At the latest warfarin check my coagulation time showed an increase to 3.1mins. My warfarin dose was reduced by reverting to 5mg every day with a recheck of coagulation in mid-February.
Question. Is it possible to keep taking Chia seeds and possibly further reducing warfarin dose if necessary, or is there a danger in this mix. Clearly Chia seeds are in themselves a anticoagulant. Is it possible eventually that' regular greater use of these seeds might replace warfarin altogether ? Or is such a situation impossible?
Edward Toms
. I'm Dr. Phil, licensed and practicing internist. Excellent service is my goal.
This is quite alright actually as long as you keep watching the INR level.
It is all about consistency.
So if you start to eat chia seeds then keep eating them.
Consistency will keep your INR in the good range.
The dose of warfarin can always be adjusted. This is not dangerous
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