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Dr. W.Chu
Dr. W.Chu, Board Certified Physician
Category: Cardiology
Satisfied Customers: 67
Experience:  I am board-certified in Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular diseases, Interventional Cardiology and Echocardiography.
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Like to ask questions to a cardiologist specialising in Atril

Customer Question

Like to ask questions to a cardiologist specialising in Atril Fibrillation. The answer doe snot have to be immediate.
Do you have such a doctor? The problem is recurring Atrial Fibrillation.
There are few questions I have.
First I am asked to stop the 75mg aspirin and start taking Xarelto - Rivaroxaban 20mg. Which is causing me bleeding. My questin is Is aspirin doing the same job or not. should I take the risk and stay on Xarelto Rivaroxaban?
Second question. I had three recurring episodes in January and two in February. Each time I self diagnose I take extra Flecainite and usually it recedes within 30 to 4099 minutes. Last time few nights ago it took 6 hours two flecainite which cause my blood pressure to go low at 9055 which is dangerous by itself.
I know this puts me high in Stroke risk. My cardiologist is reluctant to advise catheterisation because he says success rate is only 50% risk as high as 3%. which means if I have to do it twice risk doubles to 6%.Risk includes heart wall (I forgot the English word) when the puncture the heart wall.
I am 65 years old. If I shave the catheterisation it means I will go off flecainite and now Xarelto. I am considering to proceed with catheterisation so this constant risk of stroke and Atrial Fibrillation recurrence stops.
What would your specialist advise including if here is any other solution to the problem.
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Cardiology
Expert:  Dr. W.Chu replied 3 years ago.
Dr. W.Chu :

Hello there, this is Dr.Chu, cardiologist. Thank you for your excellent questions which we deal with on daily basis.

Dr. W.Chu :

To answer your questions: 1) Aspirin provides partial protection for stroke from AF but not as well as Xarelto. Therefore, with your frequent in and out of AF, I would take Xarelto for better protection;

Dr. W.Chu :

2) What you mentioned catheterization should be catheter ablation for AF. If you are really looking for the "cure for AF" even though the success rate is not 100%, it falls in the 85-90% success rate range, the catheter ablation should be the way to go. If it is successful, you can potentially be off of flecainide and Xarelto to avoid lots of potential side effects.

Dr. W.Chu :

Hope I have answered your questions. Please ask follow up questions if have. Please provide a positive rating for my answers if you are satisfied so that I can get credit for my service. Thanks a lot.