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I experience a severe burning in my chest and left arm

Customer Question

Hello, I experience a severe burning in my chest and left arm when walking or happens during sex also. I've had 3 exercise stress test, the last was 8months ago.I was told that my heart was normal and not to worry.I've had pain in my chest in the past when exercising..but it settled Down.I've been to hospital and reflux disease was discovered during an doctor basically attributes all my symptoms to reflux disease.I could believe this if I had the burning sensation when lying down or eating..this rarely happens. The burning sensation dissapears after several minutes of rest.I also have a burning sensation in my heels of my feet. Don't know of this is related.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Cardiology
Expert:  Internist replied 2 years ago.
Dear JA customer,sorry to hear about your problem,I am online today and will be happy to assist are right that usually , pain of reflux is not associated with activity, and that of ischemic heart disease increases with activity and relieves with rest.but, as you have already undergone stress test ( which is a very sensitive test to detect ischemic heart disease meaning negative test essentially rules out the disease.) you do not have heart disease. also you have been documented with gerd after undergoing endoscopic ph monitoring ( possibly).so you do not need to worry about heart disease for following reasons.your age. negative stress test. +ve test for reflux. burning nature of should consider consulting doctor if pain is not relieved with omeprazole, character of pain changes to especially crushing/heaviness.and do not worry as there are man unusual presentations like this.
Expert:  Internist replied 2 years ago.
burning of feet and hands can be due to vitamin B especially B5 deficiency. so i recommend taking multvitamin supplemts. and this should help over time. this is not related to GERD or cardiac disease.I hope this helps.if this answers your query, please click on accept . positive ratings will be highly appreciated. if you have any follow up question, please feel free to ask.i wish you good health.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hello. Thanks. Doctor I've tried everything and can't seem to fix this problem.I've been on reflux medication for roughly 2 years.the burning sensation happens with less effort everyday.I've never experienced a burning sensation whilst walking before. Ill try and speak to my doctor about this. As you can imagine it's very upsetting.also I was in a car accident a while ago and lost my job.. I've put on 5 stone because I was not mobile for ages. Thanks

Expert:  Internist replied 2 years ago.
hi, and thanks for replying
I understand the distress you are going through, but let me assure you that this is not caridac and is more anxiety related.
adopt healthy life styles.
keep regular appointment with your doctor.
try relaxation techniques.
if your stress test was before you started getting exertional burning pain, i would recommend to have another stress test done .
Expert:  Internist replied 2 years ago.
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