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I had a heart attack 15 months ago/ takosubot cardiomyopathy.

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I had a heart attack 15 months ago/ takosubot cardiomyopathy. Unfortunately my femoral artery was pierced during the angiogram and a large haemotoma and pseudo aneurysm occurred leading to emergency surgery the following day. My feeling is that if I were ever to have another attack I would be very reluctant to sign for the angiogram again and wonder is there alternative tests I can have eg an MRI scan or myocardial perfusion scan? I am 76 years old and my arteries were clear at that time so I am assuming they might remain so.
Thanks for this question.The answer is yes, you can.You can have a CTA or a CT angiogram of the coronary arteries.In your case, with taketsubo, the CTA would have shown clean coronaries and an angiogram wouldn't be neededAlso, doctors are doing more radial artery approaches where they cath through the wrist instead of the groin.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thank you...that is a relief.....but I do need further explanation of what a CT angiogram is and what is a CTA? (maybe both the same?!). Unfortunately it was not possible to cath through my wrists as my veins are poor.

Yes, they are the sameA CT angiogram is injected dye into the body and looking at the arteries with a scanner instead of a direct catheterization
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

thank you again...this information is a relief! I do have a further question ie how is this type of heart attack diagnosed? Is it through the echo test? I didn't have any symptoms last time and only had the ECG and blood test following a fall with dizziness so am unsure of what symptoms to have investigated eg this week I was dizzy getting out of bed during the night and very nauseous next day. I didn't go the DR as I thought it might just be a stomach ;'bug' in which case they wouldn;t have wanted my in the surgery!

This can be diagnosed through echo yes. However, the EKG is very similar to a full blown heart attack so most people end up getting a cath
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