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I have been told after a number of tests that I have an accessory

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I have been told after a number of tests that I have an accessory pathway, after presenting with an occasional irregular heartbeat. I am sensitive to caffeine and limit consumption of anything that has caffeine in it, as this leads to more episodes of irregularity and feelings of mild restrictive pressure inside the chest ( the same sort of feeling you get with heightened anxiety)
Every 2-3 days I experience an episode of irregularity which causes the heart to skip a beat. During this episode, there is no pain, but I feel the sensation of my heart "resetting" itself.
My question is, when the heart is performing this "resetting action" and skipping a beat or two, is this action causing any harm to my heart and or system?
I was also told about a possible procedure to fix the issue, by lasering away the accessory pathway. Is this procedure very low risk?
No, this is not any harm to the systemThey are common and benignYou can take beta blockers to stop it too
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