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Dr .Saeed ahmed
Dr .Saeed ahmed, Doctor
Category: Cardiology
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Experience:  MBBS/FCPS(R)/MRCP U.K(R), Senior Registrar Cardiology
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I have had a 24hr heart monitor done end of November and an

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I have had a 24hr heart monitor done end of November and an echocardiogram and several ecg's done but all came back fine, 24 hr monitor showed couple of time fast heart rate but I was stressed at the time but rythem fine, I was at hospital for follow up appointment after having a sleep study which was also ok, while I was sitting at the hospital I couldn't catch my breath got giddy and felt like heart skipped a beat, I walked myself round to A&E where they did an ecg and blood pressure all fine, could I have an arythmia that the test didn't pick up on?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I have also been put in HRT called tridestra which I have been on for just over a month.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
The appointment I was at was yesterday
Thank you for your question, if your holter was normal then your symptoms are due to anxiety. Holter does not misses abnormal rhythm it is almost 100% accurate, if you had same symptoms while you were on holter and holter did not picked up any abnormal rhythm, then rest assured you do not have abnormal rhythm. Let me know if you have questions, thank you.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you then maybe I was having an anxiety attack but was very sudden thank you for your reply
You are welcome, do no forget to rate positive, thank you and have a nice day.
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