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There, My son is having a pacemaker implanted in the next

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Hi there,
My son is having a pacemaker implanted in the next few weeks for a complete heart block. He is nearly 4.
I have 2 questions.
Firstly, a Dr diagnosed him as also having a soft murmur a couple if months ago, the we saw his cardiologist s couple of weeks later, who stated there was no murmur, then last week we saw yet another Dr who again found a murmur. Can murmurs come and go within this short space of time, or did his cardiologist miss it?
Secondly, the cause of my son's heart block is still a mystery. He was born 6 weeks early and as such, I would have thought it would have been picked up then, instead it was found when doing his routine obs when he had an ENT virus when he was 2.
I had a tick bite a while before getting pregnant, which was removed carelessly. I have never had a Lyme Disease test, but understand this can be passed through the placenta and can cause complete heart block. Should this not be explored before pacing him, as I understand antibiotics can reverse heart blocks from Lyme Disease, or would it be too late for antibiotics to be of any use?
Kind Regards
Yes murmurs can come and go and yes this should be investigated. Absolutely
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