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My ex is pregnant 15 weeks. Now she is a gh risk pregnancy.

Customer Question

My ex is pregnant 15 weeks.
Now she is a high risk pregnancy. As she has epilepsy and 4 and a half years ago she had a still born. Which the doctor gave a 75% chance of survival.
As far as I know she has no history in her family of heart problems.
And neither have mine really. My nan and grandad have heart issues developed in later stages of life.
Where as the baby they think could be due to being small.
And she has had 3 kids successfully which where low risk pregnancies.
Anyway the baby is showing as small at the 12 week scan the baby was showing as only 7+ weeks.
And the heart rate was 45-60 beats per minute.
Since then the heart beat has been up and down 1 week going up to 80 but then dropping back down to 45+.
Now to me this could be due to size an baby heart only starting beating at 6 weeks. Feel if baby was bigger wouldn't have an issue.
Now I've read online. Usually in cases like this if the heart was was low. My ex would suffer a miscarridge by 12 weeks.
So is this a good sign that my ex hasn't lost baby at 15 weeks? For babies long term health.
Now my ex is considering having an abortion. If the baby's heart rate goes down again. As she feels the baby would be born still born.
And from what I've read if heart rate is below 100 the chances are bad.
But I want to know in your opinion what are the babies chances?
As I feel that the heart rate is low due to baby being small. Which when born baby will grow.
I've read if less than 100 beats per min it's zero chance.
And if there are issues with the heart. These would be sorted with surgery after birth.
Just want to know realistically what are the chances of baby being still born?
As if the chance is really low for having still born feel my ex will keep baby.
As I feel baby is strong or wouldn't still be alive and plenty of kids survive heart issues
So my ex should wait see what happens. As if baby keeps surviving can't see baby being stillborn.
Also would a c section or natural birth give best chance?
As I have not heard off doctors so need advice
Or been to scans etc. So im after independent advice.
And don't want to give up on baby needlessly. But also don't want them being still born or dying in surgery.
As I really want them to live an feel I need to show my ex chance of a still born is unlikely.
But at same time I don't want baby to die after birth Or have no chance of living normal life.
And what happens next if babies heart stays same.
Would they do surgery after birth like open heart surgery ? Or would they do test see what the issue is size or another issue?
Then do surgery at 1 when baby is bigger.
Looking for reassurance that still borns are rare an that heart issues can be fixed. Then if I know the odds I can decide. As this is my first child.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Cardiology
Expert:  Dr. Phil, MD replied 1 year ago.

Thanks for this question Adam

It is hard to give this serious of advice without knowing the whole case, seeing the ultrasound and looking at the chart

what do her doctors recommend?