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I experienced heart palpitations and yesterday i experienced

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hey doc i experienced heart palpitations and yesterday i experienced them like 6 times in 1 hour and i want to ask can i experience palpitations on my hands and neck other parts of the body and the thing ei really want to know is how can i make them stop they really stress me ive develop stress and panic attacks paranoia

Hello. This is Dr Geyik and I will be assisting you today.

Can I please ask your age/gender and if you have any other medical conditions or allergies, or take medications?

Have you had palpitations in the past? Do you have chest or other pains, breathlessness, wheeze, cough, vomiting, bleeding, dizziness, etc?

Customer: replied 5 days ago.
i have pain associative with chest but its because i think my front sternum cartalage pops and my back ribs pop really much and i think it could be muscle pain and its sometimes, i had wheeze in the lungh but i think its all ready gonne cough i dont know i smoke cigaratess vomitting no bleeding i dont think so i think once i vomited little bit blood i have dizziness but its like one guy in my town told me he also experience dizziness and he sleep alot those 3 days me too and i think thats why is the dizziness not cuz of the palpilations
Customer: replied 5 days ago.
palpitations i have from 2 moths and i had when i was smaller but then they stopped and again
Customer: replied 5 days ago.
i have panic disorder panic attacks cuz of palpitations
Customer: replied 5 days ago.
help me doc im really stressed

It is unusual to experience palpitations in the hands but you can feel them in your neck or head.

If you still have palpitations and/or other symptoms you mentioned above, you should go to hospital for further assessment.

If you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks, your symptoms could be due to that, so you should try to control your anxiety if possible.

Customer: replied 5 days ago.
what should i do in the hospital what should i check

In the hospital, they need to do a physical assessment to check your heart, pulse, and blood pressure. You will also need an ECG for your heart which can tell if there are any issues with your heart and how fast your heart is beating.

Customer: replied 5 days ago.
i have all ready done that

If all of these tests are normal, then I don't think you have a heart disease.

Your symptoms can be due to anxiety and panic attacks, so you can try medications such as promethazine or Benadryl or anything equivalent that is available in your pharmacy.

You can also see your usual doctor for a routine assessment.

Customer: replied 5 days ago.
what can i eat or do to make my heart stronger and helthier
Customer: replied 5 days ago.
they told me there is a meat good for the heart but they forgot the name of it if you know it or if you know something good for it

If your tests are normal, that means your heart is healthy.

You can eat lots of fruit and vegetables and fish and these are all good for the heart.

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