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John Henderson
John Henderson, Human Resources Consultant
Category: Job
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Experience:  I have been self employed for 25 years and consult on-the-job conflict resolution as a ministry.
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Partial for package work

Customer Question

Hi if anyone can quickly advise, I’d like to know if I am in the right. I work for myself with clients. They either pay by the hour, or pay for a package of hours at a discounted cost which also includes extra services due to the higher cost and commitment they have made.

I have a client with an agreement by e-mail to pay for a certain amount of hours, they have done this, however on another package they are half way through and have asked for a refund due to various choices them self, a refund for these issues has not been heard of from peers, who advised putting the clients hours on standby to choose to continue whenever they wish.

I spoke to other people who are in charge of teams of people with what I do to make sure the reply I had was in line with fairness and not just my choice.

Someone at my clients work got made redundant, not them, and said they will have to concentrate on work now. I see them 3 times a week as it is and offered them choices.

• I offered to put their hour slots on hold and you can continue whenever you wish.
• I offered to work specifically to see them any morning you wish – they couldn’t do this due to time it takes to get to work, which is fair.
• I offered to come in specifically for them late as they said in writing by e-mail “I may not be able to do so many evenings now due to work” but this changed to I can’t do any evenings the next e-mail.
• I offered to come in at any time Saturday specifically for them as we already do on Saturdays, her reply is although on 1 hour “this is when I choose to socialise so can’t” I see the fact she is choosing shows it is not out of her control.
• Although Sunday is my own day off, in terms of I work from home and see family, I will also offer to do Sundays to finish remaining hours. I am very professional in what I do and honestly do put all the effort in I can so service is not as issue, she is very very happy with it also.

They have also moved house the past couple weeks and new this was going to happen well in advanced. The money they want refunding was paid on the written agreement by email saying *** much for ** amount of hours, they half completed half of their agreement and seem to think they should get refunded for hours they chose not to complete.

My hours are budgeted and controlled due to university, money paid has already been invested in work equipment and waiting to pay for this year’s university year. Can anyone advise where I stand?

I also have copies of commuication by text, e-mail and another online source agreing to the price for the package.

Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Job