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Hi. I wanted to ask a quick question about my cat, since I

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Hi. I wanted to ask a quick question about my cat, since I am a little bit worried something may be wrong. My cat was perfectly normal this morning. When I came back home in the afternoon, I noticed that he had thrown up a hairball. I found him sitting underneath my bed, with his mouth slightly open and drool from the sides of his mouth. It was unusual as I've never seen him do this before. Earlier, he was making throwing up motions but nothing would come up - only some saliva with a strange white discharge. Also, every now and again he would make a 'swallowing' motion as if he was trying to swallow some food. He keeps his mouth open and tongue out, doesn't seem to respond to his name or any type of call - drool seems to be coming out of the sides of his mouth too. His eyes are half closed and generally looks really ill. He seems to be breathing quite heavily as well. There is a rather bad smell from his mouth along side everything else. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Hello I'm PawsDoc I'd like to help.
I'm sorry Vasily isn't feeling well.
It sounds like, from your description that Vasily is quite nauseated, the excessive drooling and the non productive wretching are important and common signs that something (a hair ball or other) might be stuck in the esophagus or stomach.
Given his clinical signs I'd strongly recommend a very visit asap to rule out a foreign body stuck in the gastrointestinal tract!
I hope this answers your question, please ACCEPT below or reply with your questions.
Thank you.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for the quick reply PawsDoc.


I just wanted to also ask wether there was anything that we could do at the moment. We are in the UK right now and it's almost midnight and there are no local veterinary clinics nearby that we can take him to. Is there anything that we could do at home to make him feel better, or would it best to wait till the morning and take him to the vet? Thanks again for the help.

The best you can do this evening would be to look up an emergency clinic - typically they are open 24hrs.
If none are available then offering small amounts of water, if you have pepcid a/c or famotidine (anti nausea meds) you could give 10mg orally- these are over the counter from the pharmacy. The truth is however is something is stuck in the esophagus any oral medication will not provide any help and can even be deleterious.
I'mn sorry this is a hard situation to be stuck in but I hope you can find an open facility this evening.
Otherwise keep her calm and hydrated.
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