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Dr. Bruce
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My cat has hyperthyroidism. I have been several times to a

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My cat has hyperthyroidism. I have been several times to a vet. She(my cat) was put on medication which she became intolerant to. i.e not eating, poor coat and lethargic. I went back to the vet and a lower dosage prescribed 5 mg but even after this low dosage and only one every other day my cat was still showing the same signs of intolerance. I asked about surgery to remove the gland but the vets did not seem keen on this saying that they would have to get her stable first(the T4 level) and then her operation might be hit and miss as there are other glands close by and one might be accidently caught causing other complications. My cat is now on prescribed food (low iodine) although she does not seem too keen on it even though I am mixing it with her normal food.I am now considering radioactive iodine treatment which i looked up on the web and there is this firm in herts and quoting £1500 inc vat with the cat able to come home after 2 weeks with certain conditions. Can you advise me on this. Also do the RSPCA carry out any of these procedures at a cheaper rate. My cat is 16 years old but I want to keep her as long as possible. Many thanks (Roy Elliott)

Welcome. I'm Dr. Bruce and I've been a small animal veterinarian for over 12 years. Thank you for your question Roy about Kitty and her hyperthyroidism. The radioactive iodine therapy for these cats is a very effective treatment for this disease. The nice thing about it is that it is in all reality a pretty straightforward therapy. An injection is made that has radioactive iodine that then goes the abnormal thyroid tissue to destroy it. The harder part is the isolation after the injection as her stools and urine are radioactive for that time frame and must be disposed of appropriately. She has to be in a special isolation as she "cools" down from being radioactive. The expense and regulation of doing all this limits access and it isn't available a lot of places. For those cats that don't do well with the oral medications, the diet, or the risk of surgery - this option is a very good one.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Thank you can you say what a reasonable cost would be for this. also where the nearest clinic might be that carries out this or should I go through my vet?

The availability of the radioactive iodine therapy is a very unique offering that honestly about 96% of clinics aren't able to offer. So in saying that, it really isn't a therapy that is in-expensive as it can't really be shopped around. Unfortunately it is a service that you pay a premium for - but in these cases it is worth it. Your vet would be the absolute best source to ask where the closest clinic is that offers this service in your area.