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knstrand, Cat Veterinarian
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My cat drools a lot and as hes got older (hes 10 now) its

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My cat drools a lot and as he's got older (he's 10 now) it's got worse. He scratches under his chin really hard which has caused scarring. Otherwise he seemed fine until recently when his lip has swollen. I've just had him at the vet who said that inflammation, thickening and hardening of the skin in this area is common in older cats. He was given both an two week antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory injection with instruction to see how he goes and return if it doesn't get better.
I think that his symptoms have been caused by the scratching which in turn is caused by the drooling is there anything that we can give him to address the drooling and therefore relieve the itch... stop the scratching and hopefully prevent him having to have regular trips to the vet for injections??

knstrand :

Hello, my name isXXXXX I can help answer your question about Marvin

knstrand :

The drooling response is likely because of the itchiness.

knstrand :

Is he itchy anywhere else besides the chin area?

knstrand :

Keeping him on a regular flea/tick prevention such as advantage or frontline is a good idea. Even one flea bite (and we may never see the little thing) can cause an itching response for up to 3 months. So if he isn't on something regularly, try this for a few months.

knstrand :

If the itchiness is only on the chin area, we can have allergic reactions to the food/water bowls themselves especially if his dishes are plastic. Try switching to glass or ceramic dishes.

knstrand :

What sort of anti-inflammatory injection was given? And what sort of antibiotic?

knstrand :

Please feel free to respond. There are certain anti-biotic, anti-inflammatory combos that work better for these situations. Depending on what was given the other day, we may have to wait awhile before doing anything else.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Sorry clicked on the service button by mistake hope this can be rectified.

He doesn't have any fleas or ticks and we regularly check him for this and also worm him. I regularly check him in general for lumps bumps and tenderness given his age.


He doesn't seem to be excessively itchy anywhere apart from the chin. He scratches like all cats but he really goes for it on his chin and regularly draws blood.


The scratching occurs whatever type of bowls we use ceramic or plastic doesn't seem to matter.


Like I said he has done this since he was a kitten but recently it has become worse. I wondered if there was something we do food or medication wise that will help with the drooling. It's not a constant thing like a dog drooling but is more than other cats that I've had and he does have bald patches near his lip and obviously where the scratching occurs.


I don't know what kind of antibiotic and anti-inflammatory were given by the vet today.


Before coming to you I did a bit of internet research and don't think that any of the more serious conditions apply since he is otherwise healthy and spritely for his age. The vet did say he has a bit of tartar but I don't want to risk the anaesthetic for a teeth clean in case that's not the cause.


Anything else you can suggest??

Dental disease (ie bad teeth) are something to consider here. If he is otherwise healthy (ie heart and blood work is good), 10 years old isn't beyond the age I would stop considering anesthesia especially if there is a tooth that is a source of pain and drooling. However, with what we know about his chin, it is likely that the itchiness is why he is drooling. I would consider doing a depo medrol (steroid) injection along with some convenia (an injectable antibiotic) both of these drugs have longer lasting effects which is nice in kitties. Unfortunately there may be no way around routine (ie every 8-10 week) visits to the vet to repeat these injections to keep him comfortable.
You can try a diet change to something like Taste of the Wild (pick one flavor and stick with it). This is a novel protein diet and his body might be less sensitive to these proteins. He would have to eat only this diet (nothing else) and it might take 8-10 weeks for a difference to be seen. Benadryl (an antihistamine) is also something that wouldn't hurt once daily in the evening. If you let me know his approx weight, I can give you a dose of benadryl. You are welcome to try these two changes at home before pursuing repeated injections, but may still end up having to go this rout. Hopefully this helps
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

He is 4.5 kilos for the Benadryl dose. I can try it but it is really difficult to give him tablets as with most cats! Can I use the over the counter human form of Benadryl?


I think I may ask the vet about teeth cleaning too just in case this helps. I'm in the UK though and I've never heard of the food you recommend but will look into it.


I know he's not old for a cat. The reason I worry about the vet trips and possible stay over is that he was a feral/stray who I rescued when he was about 8-10 weeks after he was found abandoned in a factory. I then had to rescue him again from my ex-partner when he put him out on the basis he had been spraying in his rental and didn't tell me. He's very timid and anxious when anywhere except the familiar. I know it sounds a bit daft but I worry about him feeling like he's been abandoned again!

He can have 1/2 of a 25 mg tablet up to 3 times daily, but just start with AM and PM, and see how that goes. It might help.
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