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Dr. Steve
Dr. Steve, Veterinarian
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Hi I writing to you as i have reached the point where I no

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I writing to you as i have reached the point where I no longer want to keep my cat. We have 2 British Short Hairs that are brother and sister approx 4 yrs. We also have twin boys who are completely crazy 7 yrs old. The problem we have is the female cat Poppy is so anxious she jumps out of her skin every time the boys play, we have a house guest, loud sudden noise etc. She is also bullied by her brother. She is constantly peeing on our beds and sofa. I have used feline hormones i clean the litter tray regular. I try to pet her on a regular basis some times there is affection from her but mainly she is jumpy.

My husband and I feel like we have no other choice but to rehome them. She has ruined 3 new mattresses and a brand new sofa. I believe that pets are for life but this is pushing us to our limits we never get cross with her. I am finding this situation very sad.

Pls help
Chrissy Brake

Dr. Steve :

HI, I'm Dr Steve. I am sorry to hear that things aren't going well for you. From your description of the situation and her clinical signs, I think considering rehoming her is a fine option. You have already done some of the basic treatments for problems like this. Calming sprays and extra attention are two of the first things I recommend trying in cases like this. The only other thing that may help would be trying antianxiety medicines. I have used clomicalm. Reconcile and Buspyrone to help reduce anxiety in cats like yours. These are pills that are given once a day and can take 1-2 weeks to see results. Your vet should have access to one of these medicines and if you try one and it helps, then I have clients use them for 4-6 weeks to try to give the nervous cat time to calm down and see if it helps long-term. Of course if you have already decided to rehome, attempting to find a quiet home with perhaps only one or two people would be less stressful for her. I hope this has helped. I will check tomorrow to see if you have more questions. THanks for your question and good luck




I will go to our vet. We can't go through with the re homing process, because we love them too much. We will just have to put up with the fact that she slightly mental!

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