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Dr Gwen
Dr Gwen, Cat Veterinarian
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Experience:  Ten years experience in critical care, preventative medicine, behavioral, and chronic cases in cats.
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Hi my husband went out one night and came in with a kitten,

Customer Question

Hi my husband went out one night and came in with a kitten, 1st thing we did was take her along to out vet, she had no chip, but she did have a collar, no name ,she was very thin and very hungry..the vet gave her an examination and gave her, her 1st lot of shots.
Now she has come into season but also had problems with her bowels so again we took her alon to our vet, she has an infection, he gave her shots and put her antibotic's.but OMG she is yoweling and presenting her bottom I guess for mating but the noise is awful. I am very ill myself and I don't need to be hearing this noise if I was well it wouldn't bother me.....the vet wont nuetor her until this infection clears up...I understand BUT what can I do to stop her howling like this...please help..

Chrisitine Vascik
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  Dr Gwen replied 4 years ago.

Dr Gwen :

Hello, welcome to Just Answer. What a wonderful thing that you and your husband did by adopting this kitten and taking her into your him. I understand how loud and persistent she has become with her crying out, and you are correct in thinking that her yowling and behavior is due to her heat cycle. Female cats can be quite annoying when they are in heat, and there is very little to do to stop the noise. I also think your veterinarian is correct in wanting to wait for the infection to clear up before spaying her, as we always want to minimize the risk to our patients before putting them under anesthesia or through a surgery. Fortunately, the behavior is temporary, so either the infection will clear and she can undergo surgery, or she will come out of the heat cycle soon in order to restore peace and quiet in the house. In the meantime, if her noise is unbearable, I would suggest boarding her at a pet facility or at your vet's office if they will permit it. That would keep her safe, prevent a pregnancy, and allow you to have a quiet household again for a bit. I hope that helps, good luck!