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Dr. B.
Dr. B., Cat Veterinarian
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my cat has f.i.p wot medication would you give him

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my cat has f.i.p wot medication would you give him
Hello again,

Can you tell me how the FIP was diagnosed and what signs your kitty is showing (I assume the distended belly is present in this one)?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

he had a scan and blood/fluid taken and yes he has swollen stomach and he is sleepy,but he eat/poop ok i think he is losing weight is their anything i can give him to help put back some.can i give worm liquid?he been given medicine frusol this may be spelt wrong (sorry)

Good evening,

It is a wee bit unclear from your brief history whether the results are back and the diagnosis is definitive. The reason I asked about diagnosis is because this is a horrific viral disease and is usually a death sentence of cats suffering from FIP-- even with treatment.

Now FIP is a syndrome caused by the feline coronavirus. The virus itself is endemic in the cat population and many cats carry it without any sign of illness. That said, for reasons researchers are still not sure of, some cats will either have an immune system issue or the virus will mutate to cause the disease syndrome FIP. When FIP arises, we see the vasculitis we discussed before and that characteristic big belly.

In regards XXXXX XXXXX wee one's overall prognosis, if FIP is confirmed it will be poor even with treatment. The Frusol is a diuretic that will try and reduce that belly fluid accumulation to keep him comfortable. You can treat him for worms if you wish (though unlikely to help with this), but do so at the weight he was before the fluid build up.

Otherwise, if we do try to treat, we tend to focus on on slowing the viruses effects on the immune system (since the disease effects are essentially immune mediated). To do so, this usually mans trying to suppress their immune response using steroids. Further to this, in the UK we can also treat simultaneously with anti-viral treatments (ie Feline Interferon Omega). Often these can buy us days to weeks with them but otherwise there is currently no cure for this terrible virus.

Therefore, if your results are back yet, hopefully they will come back showing another disease process. But if FIP is confirmed then you can try steroids +/- anti-viral treatments but do be aware that the vast majority of cats who have this disease will not survive or recover from it.

Please take care,
Dr. B.

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