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Dr. Dan M.
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Cat went to vet yesterday as she was struggling to pass

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Cat went to vet yesterday as she was struggling to pass urine and there was some blood in it, and she generally seemed not herself. The vet gave her metacam injection and some metacam drops for us to administer from today with cystaid plus. She seemed much better when we got home, used her tray normally and ate her dinner. During the night she vomited quite a bit, and did not seem interested in breakfast. She drank some water from her bowl which she never does. I tried to put the metacam drops in her food, but she refused it. I threw out the food and put some fresh food out, which she has mostly eaten in 3 sittings, rather than her normal all in one go as quick as she can. She seems a bit lethargic. Is there anything I should immediately do?

I am sorry Flossy is unwell.

The most important thing is that she has been seen to pass urine. Given the recent urinary tract disease it is vital she is passing urine. If she isn't then the vomiting and lethargy may be a sign that her bladder is blocked. THIS IS A SURGICAL AND MEDICAL EMERGENCY and requires immediate veterinary attention.

If she has urinated, then I would definitely not give Metacam whilst she is vomiting, see that she is alert and bright and keeps the food down she has already eaten. If she stops being sick and is bright and alert then you could keep her on the Cystaid and if the urine is appearing normal then she nay just need the Cystaid. However, if she continues to have difficulty urinating or has blood in the urine then contact your vet to discuss the use of alternative pain relief. Pain is a contributing factor to the inflammation seen in lower urinary tract disease.

Good luck

Dan Makin
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