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is it possible to trace what happened to a cat that was brought

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is it possible to trace what happened to a cat that was brought into a vets in Stourbridge with a broken pelvis from a car accident almost 30 years ago?

Good afternoon,

I am very sorry to hear that you have been suffering with guilt from Tiger's situation so long ago. This is sadly a very common scenario even today, since accidents of this nature are sudden and often catch owners without the resources to help these usually young and otherwise healthy cats. I have to say that the majority of cats who are involved in road traffic accidents and experience damage as severe as Tigers are put to sleep unless they happen to be insured and treatment is then covered.

Now in regards XXXXX XXXXX specific question, since you noted that it was your cat (not a stray) and you asked for her to be euthanized, then she will have been euthanized at that time. The reason we can be sure of this is because it would be highly illegal for a vet to go against your express wishes to have her put to sleep. If they had wanted to treat her and potentially rehome her afterwards, they would have had to discuss this with you and have you sign over ownership of the Tiger to the practice. If they did not do so, then we can be sure that Tiger was euthanized all those years ago.

In regards XXXXX XXXXX her, this would be very difficult. The reason is because 30 years ago, computer record systems wouldn't have existed in veterinary medicine and most practices don't keep inactive paper patient files over 10 years. Furthermore, microchipping animals was not a routine practice back then either. This means one could not verify a cat was Tiger and could not use microchip databases to see if her existence could be traced.

In this situation, the only real avenue to confirm what we know has happened would be to speak to the vet who saw her and hope they can confirm her passing. Now it may just be a case of ringing that practice if you recall the vet's name, but we do have to consider that after so many years they may have moved or retired. Still you can check the Royal College's Veterinary Register (HERE) for that vet to see if they are still reachable to speak to regarding Tiger.

Overall, if you requested that she be put down then the vet would have been legally obligated to do so. Therefore, in this case, Tiger would have been put to sleep after your request was made. She wouldn't have been treated without your permission unless you had relinquished ownership to the vet practice. So, while I know it was a heart wrenching situation and it has caused you guilt, do know that she would have went peacefully and not have suffered with that decision.
Take care,
Dr. B.

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