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Doctor H
Doctor H, Veterinarian
Category: Cat
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Experience:  5.5 years experience practicing small animal medicine in a large urban setting
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My 12 month old kitten wont stop eating. He gets 1 pouch of

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My 12 month old kitten won't stop eating. He gets 1 pouch of food in the morning, then eats the leftovers of my other 3 cats. He will often leave his own food & try to eat the others' food while they are eating. I often give him another pouch just to let the others eat in peace. I give him another pouch and about a quarter of a large tin of food while the others are just eating one! There is dried food down all day and night and plenty of fresh water. I can't prepare my own food or cook anything without him jumping on the worktop and trying to lick my food ( I find myself eating off a plate in the middle of the kitchen & he is trying to paw at my plate!). I can't leave food for even a few seconds, before he is trying to get it. I tried to put a joint of meat in the oven today, but he began to paw at the food while it was still in my hands. I couldn't put the meat down even to out the wrapper in the bin, so I put the wrapper on the side while I put the meat out of reach & when I'd turned around, he had pulled the wrapper down and was trying to lick the blood inside it! It's so frustrating that I end up putting him in another room until I've finished what I'm doing. Help please! I'm at my wits end!
All cats are wormed and vaccinated.

Doctor H :

Hi, this is Doctor H and I'd be happy to assist you. Is George considered underweight by any standards? Any history of loose stool?

Customer: I wouldn't say he is overweight (the vet is happy with his weight), but he has had a bout of campylobacter (which was cleared up by erythromycin), but his stools are still a bit soft.
Doctor H :

When was the bout of campylobacter?

Customer: About 3 weeks ago, but the kitten has always been this greedy. His brother isn't greedy at all. He has had no bowel trouble either.
Doctor H :

But he still has soft stools.

Doctor H :

Do your cats go outside at all?

Customer: Yes, they all go outside.
Doctor H :

And I take it they're all tested for FeLV/FIV (feline leukemia and kitty aids)?

Customer: Yes, all tested and vaccinated. The 2 older cats are vaccinated every year. The 2 kitten brothers have had their initial vaccinations.
Doctor H :

Honestly I think that the loose stool and the voracious appetite indicate intestinal parasitism.

Doctor H :

I would recommend serial fecal analysis to rule out the most common intestinal parasites and deworming with a broad-spectrum medication.

Doctor H :

In the meantime consider oral metronidazole and a prescription diet.

Customer: The thing is, the greedy kitten will leave certain brands of food, which indicates that he isn't really so hungry. Could it be that he is just very greedy?
Doctor H :

I doubt it. It would be prudent to rule out medical causes first.

Doctor H :

The other thing is that Campylobacter doesn't typically happen by itself. It's typically caused by a primary disease.

Doctor H :

I mean it's all well and good that he went on the erythromycin but I'm not sure if it addressed the underlying cause.

Customer: Do I ask my vet for the metronidazole?
Doctor H :

I would talk to your vet about additional diagnostics to include serial fecal samples +/- an intestinal PCR test to check for the 'abnormal' intestinal contagions.

Customer: Thank you. I will.
Doctor H :

But based on the history and signalment with the loose stool I would be highly suspicious of an intestinal parasite.

Doctor H :

Hopefully you can get to the bottom of it and return him to a normal feeding schedule :)

Customer: He has been prescribed "Stronghold" by my vet ( as has the other kitten), which I was told is for internal and external parasites. Is it not strong enough?
Doctor H :

Strongid is good for your run of the mill parasites and treats two of the most common parasites they may come across (roundworms and hookworms).

Customer: But not tapeworms?
Doctor H :

However, the parasitic repertoire afforded by an outdoor environment is much more extensive. Additionally, felines that have those parasites require at least two treatments.

Doctor H :

Right, tapeworms is treated with a single administration of praziquantal or epsiprantel

Customer: I'll take him back to my vet & ask for a more thorough examination & testing/samples. Thank you.
Doctor H :

You're welcome, I hope this provides more insight.

Customer: It does. Thank you.
Doctor H :

Anytime! I'm happy to provide you with the best level of service possible.

Customer: Thanks & bye!
Doctor H :

Anytime, kindly rate my service so I may receive credit for our discussion.

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