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Dr. Dan
Dr. Dan, Cat Veterinarian
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Hello there. Its about 9:30pm Wed night and our 6 mo. old

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Hello there. It's about 9:30pm Wed night and our 6 mo. old male kitten developed an abscess on his left forearm about 10 days ago. It was a puncture wound that apparently went all the way through his arm, (2 holes) although we initially only saw one side of it. We took him to the vet a week ago, they shaved area, cleaned it out, he took pain meds for 3 days, antibiotics for a week (just ended yesterday), and seemed to be improving.

Suddenly tonight he was frightened by something, jumped, and dark red blood started oozing steadily from a pea-size area about 2 inches BELOW the abscess. No pus, just blood. It has clotted now, no longer oozing. We tried to clean it and get a better look, but he is very sensitive to us working around it. We have extremely limited finances, so would rather not go the emergency vet - the question is: can we wait until morning and go to our regular vet? Thanks so much!

Thank you for your question, I'm Dr. Dan and I'll try to help you.

I'm sorry your kitten is experiencing all these problems. As long as Munchkin is still acting otherwise normally this is not an emergency. If he starts repeatedly vomiting or he becomes very weak for no reason then it's time to be off to the ER. What is likely going on is that there is a drainage tract from the previous abscesses moving down the leg and creating an exit hole. This is very common in wound management especially with gravity involved. The sudden movement broke open the surface and finally allowed it to drain. The fact that it's sensitive indicates that there may still be some abscess in there, it may not be what you are seeing come out of the wound but it's likely related. As long as he seems otherwise fine, it will be perfectly acceptable to have him seen in the morning.

I hope this helps, if not please feel free to ask more questions.
Dr. Dan
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks so much Dr Dan! =) He does still seem okay, resting now. We so appreciate your kind attention.


Have a great evening (day?) - The Peterson clan

Good luck to the hole 2 and 4 legged clan!
Dr. Dan
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