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My long haired cat got into a fight and was wounded on the

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My long haired cat got into a fight and was wounded on the side of his leg. There was a big cut and a huge chunk of fur missing. He had to have antibiotics and an Elizabethan collar. Th wound has healed now but the fur is very slow in growing back and I have just noticed the bald patch has got bigger. What should I do?
I am sorry to hear about Felix.

My name isXXXXX am a veterinarian, and will do my best to help.

I am sorry you have not gotten help before now; I just saw your question for the first time this morning, but I see you posted it some time ago.

How long ago was the fight when he got wounded? How big is the bald patch?

When a cat has had an infection from a bite wound, it is not unusual for a lot of the hair in the area to fall out and to take some time to grow back in. If the skin in the area looks normal, not red or swollen, he may just need more time.

I have always thought of it that the skin around the wound get stretched, or inflamed, or infected when there is a an abscess, and that make the hair fall out for some reason. It should grow back eventually. I have not seen a case of a cat fight abscess that stayed bald.

If the skin in the bald area looks at all red or still infected, you could apply some topical triple antibiotics ointment. Keep him from licking the area for about 5 minutes after you apply it.

Please let me know if I can help with or answer anything else.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thank you for your reply. The incident was about 2wks ago now and the wound was quite small chunk of fur had been pulled out about 5cm incurcumfernce. The wound was infected and we went to the vet and he was given antibiotic tablets and had to wear a collar for 3days which he hated. The fur is growing back slowly and the flesh us not red but the circumference of the bald bit is looking bigger and I thought he might be pulling more fur out although I have not actually witnessed it but I am absolutely sure that the bald area is bigger. He seems happy in himself and I would rather not put another collar on him. Have you had any experience of this in a long haired cat. I think it looks worse because he had long hair whereas if he was short-haired the bald but wouldn't show up so much. I have 5 cats in our three storey house with a garden and cat flap. They are all related to each other except for one. We rescued a Siamese female and it has been suggested that he might be upset because of this.

I understand it is very difficult for you to give a very relevant answer without knowing myself and Felix not to mention the fact we live in different countries but if you have any ideas I am open to suggestions.

Thank you

Sandra Conduit.
I have seen this, and it could be that he is pulling it out. Usually when that happens, there are short broken hairs in the bald area.

If the bald area is totally bald, no hair at all, then it is falling out, not being pulled out. If that is the case, it is probably related to stress or pressure on the skin, from the infection, and I would expect new hair to grow there in time. It might not grow back until the next "shed cycle", the normal time of the year when he sheds old hair and grows in new hair, usually in spring and fall.

If the baldness continues, or gets worse, you could try the supplement/hormone melatonin, 3 mg once daily. It can help hair regrow. But if the infection was only 2 weeks ago, I would wait another couple of weeks to see how it is doing.

Let me know if I can answer or help with anything else.

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