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Dr. Dan M.
Dr. Dan M., Cat Veterinarian
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Sudden weight loss, X-rays are clear, kidney functions ok,

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Sudden weight loss, X-rays are clear, kidney functions ok, breathing ok, thyroid glands ok but white gums, was on drip to rehydrate, eating seems weird... Liquified food provided by vet but will only take it from the palm of my hand, manages very small portion of cooked chicken. Still losing weight since back from vet on Thursday. Awaiting result of FIP and coranavirus. Not wet as no distended tummy. He does seems to have slight difficulty chewing. Teeth were not checked. Any advice would be most welcome. Vet not opened until Tuesday, though we have an emergency number if he deteriorates. gizmo is a 12 year old Burmese! many thanks for any help you can provide

I am sorry Gismo is unwell.

It is good that some tests have come back normal as that helps rule conditions out.
FIP is a very difficult disease to diagnose, as if it comes back normal it won't completely exclude the condition. I assume Gismo has been tested for FeLV and FIV as these are important rule outs too.

You mention that you feel he has difficulty chewing, it is imperative that any inappetant cat has their mouth and teeth checked as dental disease is a big condition to rule out as well as the presence of soft tissue lesions on the tongue or gums.

Weight loss can develop from lack of adequate food intake, inability to absorb the nutrients or the presence of a disease process that is increasing metabolic rate.

Thyroid disease is a big stepping stone to rule out as this often causes weight loss. It is also important to ensure that Gismo's worming is up to date.

I would make sure he has had a good set of baseline tests done….complete blood count, biochemistry, electrolyte screens and urinalysis.

If these are all OK then assessment of gastrointestinal function and pancreas function would be sensible as this will help identify small intestinal absorption problems, pancreatitis and possibly lymphoma, in cast the gastrointestinal tract is the most common site. This wouldn't necessarily show on an x-ray and may require biopsies/endoscopy to identify.

In the meantime, continued hydration and nourishment are vital and soft, wet foods or water should be fed, warming can help make them appeal more. Chicken stock or broth can also be quite appealing.

If his appetite is not improving whilst investigations carry on, then consideration to assisted feeding maybe required (nasogastric tube or oesophagostomy tube placement)

Good luck and I hope you get some progress soon.


Dan Makin
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