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Dr. Dave
Dr. Dave, Veterinarian
Category: Cat
Satisfied Customers: 4125
Experience:  23 years small animal general and emergency practice
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Hello My little kitten is 11 weeks old, she eats very well

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My little kitten is 11 weeks old, she eats very well and she is very playful however today she is wanting to just curl up in a ball, sleep and doesnt want to eat or drink at all, she doesnt even get exited for a treat, she simply doesnt want it.I've noticed that her back left leg must as she is limping a bit.I'm worried because I was cleaning the oven today ,this particular oven cleaner is quite powerful, I'm worried she might of licked some of it as it spilled on the floor. She did came round to have a look and although I moved her away I might have been to late. I don't know how this might be linked to her leg though, I see not cuts or anything on it. Can you advice please?

Dr. Dave :

Hello, and thanks for writing in.

Dr. Dave :

Sorry to hear Lucy is not feeling well today.

Dr. Dave :

Are there any sores in or around Lucy's mouth?

Customer: No nothing at all that I can see
Dr. Dave :

Good. Oven cleaners are very caustic and will commonly cause mouth or lip burns (or internal burns in the digestive tract if actually swallowed. Other symptoms would include gagging, vomiting, having a difficult time eating and drinking.

Dr. Dave :

Are there any sores on the back left leg (i.e. bottom of pads)?

Customer: No, I can't see anything on her leg ether. She is not gagging or vomiting at least just not eating or drinking or interested in food which is soo unlike her
Dr. Dave :

Thanks. I guess it's still possible that she may have ingested oven cleaner, but overall I would say it's unlikely (especially without any mouth burns). There are other causes for a kitten this age to not feel well, such as some type of infection (very common in kittens), or if she may have injured her leg somehow (falling, jumping, etc.)

Dr. Dave :

I would not give any type of human pain reliever to her, as these can be very toxic to cats. You can try offering various kinds of food also, such as canned or dry cat food, tuna, salmon, cooked chicken, cooked turkey, chicken or turkey baby food.

Customer: Ok, would a sore leg result on her not wanting to eat or drink? I understand she wouldn't want to play but I would think she would still be hungry?
Dr. Dave :

You can offer water, low-sodium chicken or beef broth, or water from a can of tuna to get some liquids into her.

Dr. Dave :

Yes, a sore leg can cause lack of appetite - we see this commonly.

Customer: I have tried to feed her but nothing, she just doesn't want to
Dr. Dave :

I understand. I would at least have it available for her to eat if she wants it. Otherwise, I would recommend keeping her activity level quiet overnight, and get her examined by a veterinarian in the morning if her symptoms are still present. They will be able to get a better idea as to why she is not feeling well. Other than a good exam, they may recommend a blood test or X-rays. Then, they can treat appropriate for her, including pain medication that is safe in cats.

Dr. Dave :

If you have an animal emergency clinic in your area, or a veterinarian that takes after-hours calls, you may be able to check with them to have Lucy examined tonight, if the need arises.

Customer: Ok, I will try to give her some water again and let her sleep as much as she wants and ill take her to the vet tomorrow morning. Just want to know, will she be ok without water ( as she doesn't seem to want any) until then? Would she be in danger of dehydration?
Dr. Dave :

I would not worry about dehydration if she is not having any vomiting or diarrhea. If you are able to, you could also try giving some water with a syringe or turkey baster in her mouth, just to get some fluids into her.

Customer: Ok, thank you so much for your help, I am very grateful :)
Dr. Dave :

You're very welcome - glad to be here to help out! I hope everything goes great, and I hope you and Lucy have a good rest of the night.

Customer: I won't sleep much but thank you:)
Dr. Dave :

I sure understand about your concern about your little one - she is lucky to have you as her friend!

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