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Dr. B.
Dr. B., Cat Veterinarian
Category: Cat
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Experience:  I am a small animal veterinarian with a special interest in cats and am happy to discuss any questions you have.
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my cat has been bitten on his leg 3 days ago and i took him

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my cat has been bitten on his leg 3 days ago and i took him to the vets on the same day.he had x2 injections but has a unable to take him to the vets until tuesday as its bank holiday.his ears are cold and dosnt seem to have a high temp.i have kept him in until i can take him on tuesday.wil he be ok until then?

Hello & welcome, I am Dr. B, a licensed veterinarian and I would like to help you with your wee one today.

Poor Archie.

Do you recall what he was given by injection?

If one was an antibiotic, did he have Convenia?

How is Archie himself? Eating and drinking?

Does he seem very painful (ie very lame, not keen to move, etc)?

Does he have any wounds visible from the bite?

Does it look swollen or discharging pus?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
archie is eating fine n dosnt seem to limb but stil has a limp.he isnt crying in pain and i cant remember what the inj was as im now in work.
Thank you Donna,

No worries if you don't recall the injections that were given. The reason I ask is because it is quite common for cats to be given Convenia (a long acting antibiotic that lasts 2 weeks) as a treatment for cat bite abscesses. If he had had this antibiotic injection, then we'd know that he is covered with antibiotics for the days to come. And if that is the case, then it is likely that the limp you are now seeing is just due to the cat safe pain relief (which only lasts 24 hours) wearing off and his telling us that he needs a longer oral course of cat safe pain relief (ie Metacam) to help reduce his soreness and discomfort while healing. And if they did only use a short course injection, then a further oral course of antibiotic tablets may be indicated if the infection hasn't settled.

In regards XXXXX XXXXX approach here, if there is no open wound then there won't be much supportive care you need to undertake. If there was, then we'd want to be cleaning it with , salt water (1tbsp salt to a pint warm water) and/or diluted antiseptic (either chlorohexidine or iodine, both should be diluted to a weak tea like color) a few times daily. Otherwise, the mainstay approach to supportive care in this situation will be to keep Archie in (as you have), try to keep him from too much activity (which I appreciate is easier sad then done), and warm compress (if he is amenable). And as long as he is eating, drinking, and not showing any distress or overt pain, then it is safe to wait until Tuesday.

Just to note, I do want to mention that since he has just been seen for this, you may be able to just ring your vet and ask them to dispense further antibiotics and pain relief without having to take Archie back in so soon if you wished. As well, I would also note that even though we are in the midst of a bank holiday weekend, it is worth ringing the vets to double check that they are actually closed (I can say that my practice is open tomorrow and the bank holiday as normal hours for our patients even though it is a holiday). So, it is possible that you could be able to pick up a further course of medication even over the bank holiday while Archie is at home. So, it is worth a ring to just check. And if they are truly closed, then as long as he is comfortable and not acting poorly over the weekend then waiting until Tuesday will be fine.

I hope this information is helpful.

If you need any additional information, do not hesitate to ask!

All the best,

Dr. B.


If you have any other questions, please ask me – I’ll be happy to respond. Please remember to rate my service once you have all the information you need. Thank you and hope to see you again soon! : )
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