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Dr. Joey
Dr. Joey, Board Certified
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I have a 8 year old male cat which has just been neutered a

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I have a 8 year old male cat which has just been neutered a week ago - all was well. However when he went out he must have got into a fight - came in with hole in cheek, bloody and ouzing. Went to see my vet who cleaned it and gave him an antibiotic jab, an anti inflamatory jab and 5 days of antibiotic tablets for me to give him 1.5 x twice daily.
They have finished now.
The problems is he has slept continually for four days just going outside for toilet but just for half an hour then coming back in and back to sleep again! He is eating very well actually more than he has had in the past.
He was a "roamer" and I hardly saw him except at night time for his supper then he wouldnt sleep here straight out into the night. So this sleeping all day is so unusual and very worrying for me. Please help I think something is wrong

Dr. Joey :

Hello I am Dr. Joey. Thanks for trusting me to help you and your pet today. I am a licensed veterinarian with over 15 years of experience. I look forward to working with you.

Dr. Joey :

This does sound quite concerning for Mischa. My thoughts on why he might be sleeping all the time is that he could be running a fever (the antibiotic administered is not quite resolving the infection as we would like and another medication may be needed), this could be a side effect of the medication administered, or he is painful (uncontrolled pain and this is making him less willing to be active. I am very please, however, that he is eating well. That is a very good sign.

Dr. Joey :

I do advocate you phone your vet tomorrow, if he is still lethargic and relay this information. Your vet may want to evaluate him again or (s)he may want to dispense a different medication for him.

If I was to see him at this point I would recommend we take a look at the wound which should be drying up and no longer oozing (if still has discharge then a culture/sensitivity panel is indicated to know what bacteria is present and what medication might clear). If he is febrile, then giving him some fluids (intravenous or even subcutaneous) may help him feel better. And if he was painful then this can be addressed. If none of those issue were found then I would recommend lab work (cbc, chemistry profile) to know if his body is having another issue (internal problem such as blood issue, organ problem, etc).

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you for the information.

Mischa got up and went outside last night for one hour then came back, straight asleep again.

Still eating very well

Today at 7.30am went out again probably a toilet visit.

Came back within the hour cried for food which he ate - and straight back to sleep.

I am being paranoid about him sleeping all the time or should I take him to vets today?

I am so happy that he is eating, but this does sound like he is very lethargic/sleepy. I do not think you are being paranoid. You know him the best, and this does sound like a lot less activity than he ever used to do. I would recommend a reassessment by his veterinarian, if at least to have his temperature taken and to look at his wounds.
Please keep me posted.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Just to advise you of the outcome of Mischa's ordeal. Vet number one took blood test and said everything ok except he is getting near to dehydration so they kept him in overnight on fluid drip. Then told me your cat has us "baffled". Home he came but I was sure there was something going on.

Took him to another vet for second opinion she looked into his mouth and informed me he had a gum infection and gave antibiotic jab for that. She then asked has he had a combination blood test - I said no. So she did that unfortunately it come back positive for Feline Aids - poor chap - obviously another cat has infected him by biting/fighting.

I decided to keep him he is very contented now just goes outside round

the house or in his garden.

So vet number one missed his mouth and test for Aids.

Thank you for all your help

Lynda & Mischa Thomas

Oh, my. That would make sense with the fever. He can live a very normal life, and just to be aware when he gets ill or is at risk for infection, we have to be a bit more protective of him.
Thank you for the update.