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Dr. Andy
Dr. Andy, Medical Director
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Experience:  UC Davis graduate, Interests: Dermatology, Internal Medicine, Pain Management
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My cat has one pupil larger than the other. The third eyelid

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My cat has one pupil larger than the other. The third eyelid is not over and he is eating normally, plus his coat is glossy but he seems out of sorts. He also keeps walking round in a circle and frequently washing his back end. This has all happened today
Welcome! My name is***** am a UC Davis graduate, and currently, a Medical Director of a veterinary hospital.
I am sorry to hear about this concern for Frankie.
The frequently washing back end may be a separate concern. That can freuqently occur with problems like anal gland impaction or infection, urinary tract infection, diabetes.
The walking in circles can be suggestive of a vestibular problem (loss of equilibrium), but it is usually uncontrollable. I am suspecting maybe he walks in the circles because he is trying to get at his back end.
More concerning to me is the pupils. What you are describing is called anisocoria.
Unequal pupil size is called anisocoria:
Anisocoria in Cats
This link will tell you a ton of good information including differentials for possible causes. Unfortunately, there are quite a few causes, and at Frankie's age, some of them are not easy to correct/remedy.
I would start with a vet visit as soon as possible. A vet should recommend some basic testing immediately including a blood profile and urine test.
Some viral testing might also be suggested.
I wish we could help Frankie at home, but as I am sure you already knew, these are issues that can't be treated with over the counter therapy.
I will pray for a speedy recovery.
Good Luck!
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Dr. Andy
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Dr Andy

thanks for this. I thought that Anisocoria was a possible issue but he seems to have deteriorated throughout the day. The walking in circles and back end washing have developed this afternoon. His back legs seems to be weaker some how, according to his posture. is it possible that he might have had a stroke? Not sure if the eye condition might be part of this? Also, he was limping last weekend and was out of sorts fora couple of days. Again, not sure if this is unconnected. His paws were not scratched and scuffed so i know he has not been in contact with a car. After a couple of days sleeping and being quiet he returned to normal.

Yes, a stroke would be a differential.
Yes, the pupillary change could be induced by a stroke.
The limp could be connected if it is due to a neurologic issue as opposed to an injury.
But, if limp self-resolved, unlikely not part of the eye changes.
My concern would be for some type of infection, viral condition, or possible cancer cause in the brain for the change.
Wish I could be more exact but not possible.
Hope that additional information helps. Definitely, reply to me if there is any other way I may assist you. I hope my responses have been satisfactory?
Dr. Andy
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